Monmouth County & Ocean County

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Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey

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  • 7 Division St Keyport - Keyport
    The lower part of Division St near East Front is the worst in town. Needs to be torn up and repaved soon.
  • 98 Maple Place Keyport - Keyport
    There are 4-5 accidents a year at this intersection. The entire traffic pattern around the Cornucopia Restaurant is badly designed and needs to be addressed.
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  • 808 E Central Ave Seaside Heights, NJ - Seaside Heights
  • 103-147 New Jersey 36 Keansburg, NJ 07734, USA - Middletown
    Nearly the entire stretch of Route 36 south from Keyport through Atlantic Highlands should be repaved. Road surface is worn and in places has ruts that hold water every time it rains which results in hydroplaning.
  • Surf Ave. And Rt 9 beachwood, NJ - Beachwood
    to many speeding cars going through intersection. to many bad accidents
  • Center Avenue & Appleton Avenue Leonardo - Leonardo
    As a result of there being stop signs only for individuals crossing over Center Avenue while traveling on Appleton, there have been 3 children hit by speeding motorists in the last 5 years alone. There have been countless accidents on this corner as a direct result of motorists blowing through the stop signs already in place. I fear that if something is not done soon, instead of only injuries being sustained the next accident could end up killing a child before action is taken. This issue has been raised a number of times without recognition, and I feel it is time for real action to be taken in order to keep our residents safe!
  • 538-556 U.S. 9 Forked River, NJ 08731, USA - Ocean County
    It is hard enough to make a right hand turn out of wawa with traffic and it is even harder to go across the lane to make a left hand turn. People should go to taylor lane or lakeside drive to go north on route 9. Left hand turns out of the wawa parking lot are dangerous and numerous accidents have occured.
  • Rte 35 South To Rte 35 North U-Turn In Keyport on the left after Beers St. when heading South on Rte 35 - Keyport
    This U-turn has been in bad shape for years, lately it has become a danger to vehicles. The roadway is so rough and torn up it has damaged cars. It is also hard to accelerate out of the turn for merging onto highway traffic.
  • New Jersey 18 Neptune, NJ 07753, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    Bad potholes southbound
  • Garden State Pkwy Bayville, NJ 08721, USA - Ocean County
    Mile post 77.4 southbound.
    Left land on the small bridge.
    The roadway has dropped again creating dangerous driving conditions.
    The bump that you ride over can easily bounce you into the other lane and cause severe damage to your vehicle.
    It is a work corridor so the road way has been made smaller for bridge construction.
  • Poormans Parkway - Ocean County
    major flodding and major pot holes also the road needs to be widend there are way to many accidents and deaths on this road