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  • Interstate 495 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    LIE Westbound, right lane, exactly at the turnoff for Exit 59; top 2-3" of pavement is slicing off very quickly within a 150-200 square foot area (contained within the right lane) and has been repaired in the past but is quickly deteriorating.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    91 Hammond Rd centereach, NY - Centereach
    Deep Pothole right in front of my driveway. Big enough for my tires to fall into and scratch rim. Should be a quick fix! please come!
  • 4935 Express Dr S Lake Ronkonkoma, NY - Lake Ronkonkoma
    there is massive destruction to the exit ramp off of exit 60 on the LIE heading eastbound. Worst patch of road I have seen on the island. I would highly recommend fixing this before lawsuits occur.
  • Middle Country Rd Lake Grove, NY 11755, USA - Lake Grove
    Middle Country Rd. between Stony Brook Rd. and NYS Rt.347, numerous potholes east and west bound. Extremely hazardous roadway. Not only does it need to be paved, but lane markings need to be more visible.
  • Smith Lane Centereach, SNY 11720, USA - Centereach
    This summer and fall, the numerous potholes along Smith Lane in Centereach were patched up. We don't need patchwork- the entire length of road needs to be repaved. With all of this snow, the holes are back and bigger than ever. The holes are DANGEROUS!!
  • Corner Of Gatelot & School Street - Lake Ronkonkoma
    this corner of school St, and gatelot is like a mine field.. it need to be fixed ASAP.
  • 4933 Expressway Dr Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Lake Ronkonkoma
    LIE eastbound exit ramp exit 60
  • 36 Smith Ave Holbrook, NY 11741, USA - Holbrook
    This area is, by far, the worst I've seen. People have to slow their speed to roughly 5-10MPH so they don't blow their tires or dent their rims. The entire section of this street is torn up.
  • 3076 Middle Country Rd Lake Grove, NY 11755, USA - Lake Grove
    Both left lanes, westbound and eastbound, have a ridge going down a long section. You have to hug the center and get close to other cars to avoid it.
  • Expy Dr N Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Farmingville
    The north service of the LIE has no no street lights/poor lighting along this strip of roadway between Hanrahan Avenue and Waverly Avenue in Holtsville.
  • 1070 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY - Selden
    Many pot holes on Park Ave through the full street from Middle Country Rd. at the rear and side entrances to 1070 Middle Country Rd. Selden Strip Center, Jiffy Lube entrance, also rear commercial lot, and a home at the end of street. This street is ignored and in need of being re-paved properly. Taxes are paid for 3 commercial, and 1 residential property along Park Ave and this small street is in need of a proper repaving for years. Any previous attempts to make repairs fall short of a full re-paving and not fixed properly, costing more to do over and over again. Help would be much appreciated, Thank You
  • pot hole huge Archived
    5096 Expy Dr N Holbrook, NY 11741, USA - Holbrook
    when i pull up to the light, then after it turns green i drive ahead and when i hit this it makes a huge noise. its hard to see when it rains but its a bad one.