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  • Nafta Archived
    2-6 Sound Beach Avenue Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    Aca hay la que quieras a USD 4 el gallon!!!
  • Havemeyer Lane Stamford, Connecticut - West Side
    The entire right side heading away from US 1 is a broken up.
  • Arch Street & Interstate 95 Greenwich, CT 06830, USA - Greenwich
    rough finish, pot hole forming, has been there since they repaved 95. needs smoothing so pot hole won´t form by the time winter comes.
  • Yeah! Open
    3 Park St CT - Greenwich
  • Greenwich CT 06830, USA - Greenwich
    The pavement in the middle lane has been completely obliterated. Unsafe to use the middle lane for this stretch of road.
  • 17 Amherst Rd Greenwich, CT 06878, USA - Greenwich
    Amherst Road is too narrow to allow parking on both sides of the street. Please either restrict to one side or widen the road. The turn is completely blind and there is only room for one car to pass at a time between all of the parked cars. This is a two way street without room for two cars to pass by each other.
  • 32 Pecksland Rd Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
  • 36 Pond Pl Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA - Greenwich
    Cars use Pond Place as a cut through to Bible St. They regularly speed at 35-50 mph. Especially contractors and delivery vehicles. Regular police patrol or permanent speed bumps are needed.
  • 170 Mill St CT 06830 - Greenwich

    This is the main route of the CT-NYC bicycle route, and used by many riders.

    However, this particular intersection is not ideal. Turning vehicles do not always yield and speeds can be high.

    Something should be done to slow traffic or provide dedicated facilities for those who commute or ride through the area on a regular basis. Targeted enforcement may also help (drivers don't seem to yield to peds, either).

  • Morningside Drive &Indian Field Dr. Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    If making a left turn out of of Morningside Dr. onto Indian Field Rd. there is hardly any way to see the traffic coming from the left side. The view is badly blocked by a stone building on the golf course. Both right turn and left turn are extremely dangerous. During the summer when the bushes on the right side of Moringside Dr. are in bloom you cannot see what is coming at you on the right side. This is really a very bad spot and many cars on Indian Field Rd are moving quite fast.
  • Morningside Drive &Indian Field Dr. Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    Just reported turn problem on Indian Field Rd. and gave wrong web site
  • Pothole Open
    View St Greenwich - Greenwich
    Pothole at entrance to View St from Hamilton Ave in Greenwich