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  • Hickory Drive Greenwich, CT 06831, USA - Greenwich
    Sharp turn at base of Hickory Drive in Greenwich Connecticut is a blind spot for both drivers and pedestrians. Speeding cars present danger to pedestrians. Quick resolve could be Speed bump Installation at one or two locations.
  • 42-62 Macarthur Dr Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA - Greenwich
    This intersection, like most in Havemeyer park, is dangerous and should be a four-way stop instead of two-way. Further, with overgrown trees and shrubs on both sides, large, commercial vehicles parked on the street and sharp turns on Halsey Drive on both sides of the intersection, a driver on MacArthur Drive is unable to see if it is safe to proceed in either direction through the intersection after stopping.
    With an elementary school so close and so much auto and pedestrian traffic, it's just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed.
  • 2-6 Marshall St Old Greenwich, CT 06870, USA - Greenwich
    This intersection needs to be four-way instead of two-way. Cars travel very fast down Marshall Street and motorists stopped on MacArthur heading toward Havemeyer have trouble seeing past a tall fence close to the street. Those heading away from Havemeyer have trouble seeing past some tree limbs. This is a dangerous intersection as traffic through Havemeyer Park, especially on MacArthur Drive, continues to increase.
  • 473-477 Lake Ave Greenwich, CT 06831, USA - Greenwich
    when making a left from N. Maple on to Lake you cannot see the oncoming traffic due to plants in traffic island - they need to be cut back so you can see
  • Davis Ave Greenwich, CT 06830, USA - Greenwich
    Sign lacks visibility between poles... And makes us look bad.
  • 231-265 E Putnam Ave Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA - Greenwich
    Long grooves or ruts in the pavement along Route 1 through Cos Cob need to be patched with tar. After the double yellow line shifted a foot or so over...the grooves, which had been in between the double yellow lines are now in the Westbound lane.
  • 100-166 River Rd Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA - Greenwich
    This tight curve needs the yellow lines repainted asap
  • Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike Greenwich, CT 06830, USA - Greenwich
    large strip of potholes - Southbound I-95 - middle lane.
  • Corner Of West Putnam And Western Junior Highway Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    There should be a sign for people making right hand turns on a red light indicating that opposing traffic has a green left turn arrow.
  • Sherwood Ave Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    My Verizon Wireless calls drop 100% of the time when I turn onto Sherwood Ave from King St. It happens just East of Chieftans Rd... as I said it happens 100% of the time, in the same spot. Pls address this service issue.
  • 36a Washington Ave Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    Sentence in article:"Having his best game of the season was James Harris. In his first varsity game, the sophomore finished with 13 points." The typo is that the sophmore C.J. Byrd scored 13 points against Brian McMahon not James Harris. See Greenwich Times Newspaper to clarify.
  • Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike Port Chester, CT - Greenwich