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  • W Putnam Ave Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    This is an area of power outages. The town has had CL&P working on trees and lines all Summer. However,CL&P did a town outage at 10 AM this morning. It is Monday and all business has come to a standstill. There are better ways of dealing with outage issues, and CL&P has failed to do so for many years. There are no consequences to the way they do business. There are many countries in the world that deal with power outages much better. All CL&P has to do is do what our neighbors using Con Edison are doing and it would improve. It is time to have them come rise to the occasion. The weather system, unfortunately, will be getting worse and worse. If they decide to do a major shut down, everyone should be informed in advance. All businesses are unable to work today. Who will pay for this in this down economy?
  • Ritch Ave W & Interstate 95 Greenwich, CT - Greenwich
    The State's property along I-95 is in terrible shape. Just this month, trees that haven't been trimmed in 17 years fell onto a resident's driveway. Lot's of $ for the Merrit, which doesn't even have houses close to it, nothing, and I mean nothing, spent near I-95.
  • Greenwich CT 06830, USA - Greenwich
    the road is splitting in half
  • Byram Road And North Water Street Greenwich, Connecticut - Greenwich
    series of pot holes in southbound lane of Byram Road, at intersection of North Water Street.
  • North Water Street Near New Street Greenwich, Connecticut - Greenwich
    there's a series of pot holes on North Water in the area of New Street.
  • Doran Avenue Greenwich, Connecticut - Greenwich
    coming off the S/B I-95 exit 2 ramp, there's a nice crater between Loudon and Byram road.
  • 30 Stone Ridge Rd Bridgeport, Connecticut - Greenwich
    There are so many pot holes on Platt St off off beechmont going all the way to Reservoir ave. Already popped both my reg and spare tire on that street no matter how slow or curved around it.