Neighbors between Jackman and Lewis and Sylvania Ave. to Hillcrest

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  • Disrepair Archived
    3825 Revere Dr Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    This building has been reported before
    Nothing has changed. The grass and weeds still have not been touched., the gutter is still hanging off the roof, the place looks like trash
  • 936 W Gramercy Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
  • Dryden Dr Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    Potholes on Dryden from Lewis to Bennett
  • 1111 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    drug deals,guns going off,the one guy has a taser. what more could you want in the neighborhood. people are trying to sleep. I haven't slept in 5 years because I this
  • 4128 N Haven Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    this house was on fire some time ago. there is debris in yard, trash in driveway, broken garage door.
  • 1101 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    black buick SUV parked herefor2weeks
  • 4857 Lewis Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    This property faces Olson St, while the address is listed for Lewis Ave. There is no entrance to the house on Lewis Ave. The Manager, (sister of owner), states she is maintaining a "wildlife habitat". I question why rats, ground hogs, & possums need this area when they already reside in Shanty Creek behind the house. Apartment Residents leave large amounts of dog feces not only in the high grass, but in the vacant city lots behind the house, which is mowed each week by neighbors. Brick circle used for burning garbage/furniture is unsafe & very odoriferous. Rain soaked chairs/broken bikes behind house under unsafely supported carport, wires running along outside of front of house from porch up to 2nd floor window, multiple items of rusting & broken household items, pails, etc thrown into high grass, stuffed animals hanging from trees which squirrels/rats use for nesting areas below. The brick column standing on the house's corner lot is crumbling & filled with rubber gloves, cigarettes, & pop/beer cans thrown inside by walkers going by. I was only able to load one picture, yet have 6 more, showing unsafe fire ring, large sections of rotting downed tree, multiple items of refuse on other side of the tree; let me know if you would like to see them. Thank you for your time and concern.
  • Asbury Park Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    Asbury park needs more lighting around it at night....Neighbors say its too dark at night....Possible drug dealing going on around there at night......More lighting around there at night would probably make the dealers look for a diffrent location .....
  • 4409 Lewis Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    This pothole is getting bigger and people are taking the orange netting off of the cones and it says in the road.
  • 1111 Mcdonald St Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    they get crazier and more reckless every day
  • 3958 Drexel Dr Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Five Points
    please have them get some barrels around this as soon as possible and I know you have been diligent about repairing as soon as you can. Thank you so much, you all are greatly appreciated.
  • 3713 Wallwerth Dr Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    wrecked silver jaguar has not moved in months