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  • 49 Hillside Ave. New Haven, CT - Annex
    I left my home at 6am to go to work. Sometime between 6am and 8am the City of New Haven posted 'Street-Sweeping' signs and towed my other car. Is the Operations Director getting pay off from the towing companies?
  • 30-78 Warwick Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
  • 244 Peat Meadow Road New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    I reported this back in December that cars were parking illegally. It stopped for a while, but now there is a Honda Ridgeline that is parking there overnight. Because the road are narrow with the snow, only 1 car can get by, creating a traffic hazard. Please have officers patrol this area at night too.
  • Woodward Ave And Main St Near Entrance To 95s - Annex
    This is ridiculous!! Only one lane for both turning left is clear and cars back up past Annex club in morning. Took me Friday and today half hour to just get on the highway. Plus a danger when the jerks think they can get in the other lane and try to fit and then slide off the ice into your car!! And cars coming off the highway turning right have NO LANE AND MOUND OF SNOW BLOCKS TURNING and again slide toward cars waiting to get on the highway. A major hazzard all around.
  • Quinnipiac Ave & Warwick St New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    There is a guy selling drugs in this area right now, out in the open. He has been hanging out at this intersection for over 2 hours. Black male, grey hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. Cell phone at his ear at all times. Cars pull up, he leans in the window for a few seconds, then car drives off. Posting this at 12:48 pm. 3/7/2015
  • 250 Peat Meadow Rd New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Annex
    This trash has been sitting in the front yard of the house for several months . It's an eyesore that also attracts wild animals such as raccoons, foxes a long with rodents. It makes difficult for me to walk my dog in the evenings because I don't know what's going to jump out of this garbage. I don't think anyone should be living there since there is a notice on the door but there's always a dog in the window and vehicles in the driveway.
  • Fort Wooster Park New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    Tree work needed in the entire park, especially the Marlin Estate side. There was a homeless person living in a tent up there, and the garbage is all still there. Trees in the lawn are falling down rotten. Also, the hedge has been "trimmed" - more like shredded (!) by totally inappropriate equipment. The garbage by the bus stop needs to be picked up.
  • Woodward & Main St Entrance To Q Bridge - Annex
    The new entrance to the highway is worse than it was before they made "improvements". THe traffic light needs to be longer, all the cars are stuck in the middle of the intersection because the ramp is too narrow, it should be 3 lanes, not 2. I can't believe DOT couldn't figure that out before all this construction has been completed.
  • Parks Request Archived
    14 Milton Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    Problem...2 guys in a van drinking on Milton street tonight around 9:30PM. NHPD parked directly opposite of the van, doing his paper work...signs clearly stating no parking after 8PM...when I ask the cop what the 2 guys in the van are doing his answer, "just having some beers after work." And that's acceptable? Opened containers in a vehicle while behind the wheel near a park after 8PM on a street that has its fair share of drugs, drinking, vandalism, theft, assaults & prostitution issues and it's acceptable. Who do I call now since the NHPD clearly do not have an issue with nuisances in this area?
  • Peat Meadow Park New Haven, CT - Annex
    There's been a huge uptick of homeless sleeping in Peat Meadow Park this summer. Now it appears that they are making shelters out of the play ground equipment. Is there someone of authority that can help these people find the proper shelter as to not be inhabiting a playground where children are playing? Camps are also being set up under the utility poles and evergreen trees adjacent to them.
  • Woodward Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    The grass throughout large portions of East Shore Park is over three feet high. It probably has not been cut yet this season. High grass is also growing through some park benches. The pathways are also covered with sticks, and the cracks are getting overgrown with weeds as well. This is very unsightly and embarrassing, as it reflects badly on our neighborhood and city to visitors from outside of it and from within it. It is also a health concern, as the high grass is an exceptional habitat for ticks. Finally, it's a departure from past practice: our parks have historically been very well maintained. I would appreciate the park could be properly maintained as soon as possible.
  • 1183 Townsend Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    Signals at all intersections of two I-95 overpasses need timing review. Traffic is often backed up into the intersections, and it is not uncommon to be the first car at a green light with no ability to enter the intersection. Problem is becoming worse.