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  • 47 Chester Street New Haven CT - Annex
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Woodward Avenue New Haven, CT - Annex
    I understand that DePino associates paid to put up the "Welcome to East Shore" sign, but the Toads Place advertisement that now covers the sign is just an eyesore. There has to be some kind of ordinance against this thing.
  • 172 Beacon Ave New Haven, CT 06512, USA - Annex
    Although it's clearly posted, "NO PARKING THIS SIDE" Cars constantly parked on both sides of the street. blocking intersections, kids running in and out of parked cars. This is a recipe for disaster. Police don't fix the problem, they are part of it.
  • 28-30 Russell Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
  • Potholes Archived
    141 Fairmont Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    Large hole and very rough surface
  • 30-78 Warwick Street New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    The giant ditch in front of the elementary school is becoming New Havens latest landfill. As of a few days ago there were at least a half dozen mattresses and box springs, TVs etc etc all over the place. The fact that this dumping is happening at a fairly busy four way stop sign is quite disturbing.
  • 170-222 Fulton Terrace New Haven, CT 06512, USA - Annex
    the house next to us wont shovel there snow so my daughter who has to walk to the bus is forced to walk in the street
  • 102 Huntington Avenue - Annex
    Owner never mows grass. 102-104? Huntington Avenue. Eyesore!
    This happened last year also!
  • Other - BLIGHT Acknowledged
    924 Townsend Ave. New Haven Connecticut - Annex
    Abandoned for over two years now I believe, this house is a blight on our street. Construction debris in driveway and in open garages, dead tree in front, lawn untended, no snow removal, windows open, etc.
  • Health Dept. Archived
    76 Chester Street New Haven, CT 06513, United States of America - Annex

    New garage tenants running an Illegal garage to fix motorcycles and cars in the garage and in the street. Dollies being used to jack up cars in the street and engine hoists being used to remove engines from cars out in the street. Engine fluids being dumped into the street, sewer and garbage. Tons of garbage barrels put out on trash day.

    Motorcycles coming in by the dozens on the weekends and drag racing in the area (check the surrounding streets and you will see numerous motorcycle skid marks). This must be shut down and put to a stop immediately! Elderly residents are fed up with this nonsense.

  • Fairmont Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    I am trying to live a decent life raising my kids here. I am tired of pig people dumping their trash on our street. The issue is this is being going on for a long time now, enough is enough. I consider is so much more expensive to be sending a truck every day or every other day to pick up that trash. Just install a camera in that spot in order to get the people that are responsible for this to pay for it. I don't pay taxes to pay for services so that people can be lazy and make others clean after themselves. Same way they come around with a pick up truck to drop off furniture or whatever might be with the same truck they can go to the waste stations designed for that. Let's make our city a better place to live people!!!
  • Potholes Archived
    675 Woodward Ave New Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    Hello, I live on the corner of Woodward and John St, and John Street is in a bad conditions at the end of the st, towards to Woodward av., we need the entire portion of the street to be repair and not only the Potholes, i saw today covering only one of the 2 that we have at the moment, just on front of my house, i will be posting more pictures and i hope the entire street get fix it soon, its getting worst and worst.