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  • Harrison Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    I also think that they sould put left turn signals on 30th street Harrison blvd because every time at rush hour driver turn left in each way mosting going Harrison on NB turning left WB 30th street I hope that Udot take care this promble soon
  • 3600 Washington Boulevard South Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    please install left turn signals at 36th street WB ,EB the left lanes are packed.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1257 East 22nd Street Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    There is really horrible graffiti at the Lion's Club Park and there is broken glass everywhere by the tables. I took my little girl there to play and was just disgusted by the graffiti. There was things from satanic symbols to remarks about the KKK and a picture of them hanging. There was also curse words all over the park. Written on the slides and everywhere.
  • Veterans Memorial Highway Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    on the on,off ramps in the state most don,t have the name of the interstate like driving on 31 street if u want to go on I-15 but your don,t live here the drivers will get cofused so at each on,off ramp there need to be a sign like SOUTH INTERSTATE 15. At antelope drive they put new traffic lights then sign that say south interstate 15 or north interstate 15 so i want these sign on every on,off ramps in the state for drivers in the futuer.
  • 1401-1577 Harrison Boulevard Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    why is there a yield sign driving East on 12 Street turning right onto South Harrison Boulevard because when you drive right on it there's like a ramp curve so you don't have to stop you can't just go through it like a ramp .but I don't get it why is there a yield sign because sometimes I Drive through there the vehicles in front of me stopped the only time did you stop is when there is a pedestrian .instead of a yield sign put yield to pedestrians sign so drivers do not stop only when there is a pedestrian present because there's no reason cars should stop where when there's no pedestrian present and also put added lane sign on the curve ramp driving east on 12th Street to turn right onto South Harrison Boulevard .
  • Striping Archived
    371-399 East 1200 South Street Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    Can you add a dual left turn lanes on 12th Street onto north on Washington Blvd in the future because at rush hour left turning vehicles backup from grant Ave (sometimes) .
  • 167 140 N Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    I 84 exit one light works the other two blink
  • 31st And Washington Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    At 31st and washington Blvd. in Ogden there are three lanes, the left lane has a sign designating it as a left turn only, the right lane has a sign designating it as a right turn only, and the center lane has no sign. My question is with no sign restricting the use of the center lane can left or right turns be legally made on to washington Blvd from the center lane?
  • 3459 Us-89 Ogden, UT 84401, USA - Ogden
    The light from Riverdale to North Washington is too close to the stop line why can't there be extra traffic signals across from the street too make it easier too see??
  • 3464-3480 Washington Boulevard Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    I know that driving north on Riverdale. You drive all the way to the end(going north).To turn left to go north washington blvd.But my issue is when you stop at the traffic light to go north(washington). Sometimes I,m the first car in the lane to make my turn. But this is part that scarces me.I,m the first car sometimes.The traffic lights are front of my face. I can not see when it changes green i have look up very hard to see it to change green.It gets me nuts. There are no extra lights on the other side of the street to make it easy to see. I hope they put extra lights on the other side of street. Soon as they can.
  • 1999 Wall Avenue Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    The flashing yellow arrow going SB is not flashing is only on red . I know that during rush hour every flashing yellow signal does not flash but thats normal .but the one that not flahing fix it.
  • 377 2nd Street Ogden, Utah - Ogden
    NO TURN ON RED LIT UP signs need to be added for WB 2nd street too Hwy 89 because it has two right turns to Washington Blvd ,and Highway 89. The same story also goes for SB Washington Blvd turning right too 2nd street WB.