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  • Fairfax County Pkwy Reston, VA - Reston
    need the potholes at the major intersection of fairfax county parkway and sunrise valley drive fixed soon.
  • Intersection Town Center Parkway & Cameron Glen Dr Reston VA - Reston
    Town Center Parkway is a busy 4-lane divided road and cars speed by. The bus stops on both sides of this intersection depending on direction of travel. Also there is overflow parking on Cameron Glen for residences across TC Parkway. I have seen many near-misses of pedestrians. We need a crosswalk and signs to make motorists take notice of the crosswalk. (A pedestrian-controlled light would be better but I know that's too much to ask.) I tried to call the "right people" several years ago but found out that it's the intersection of a state road and a county road and nobody will take responsibility. My state rep's office said to call the county. The county people said call the state. The state people said the existing sidewalk cuts are facing the county road (actually they're on the diagonal right at the corner) and it would be too expensive to make new sidewalk cuts so they can't make a crosswalk.
    Update 9/2016: Still no movement despite conversations with my County Supervisor. Fewer buses go by now since they changed several routes, but they just built the new police station (including a new office for my County Supervisor) right at this corner. And have plans to develop the adjacent property. But NO movement on even a crosswalk!
  • HOV violators Archived
    267 Dulles Toll Rd East And West Bound Mclean to Sterling, Virginia - Reston

    Every day going east and west bound on 267 there are always multiple HOV violators and never any enforment or traps. As someone who uses these daily it is very frustrating.

    Edit : This was probably one of the biggest waste of time possible. I feel like since I posted this there has been less HOV enforcement on the Dulles Toll Road (267) then ever before. I don't understand why all of the other HOV lanes in Northern Virginia get policed heavily but 267 is left to the rent a cop airport police that never do HOV checks.

  • 1656 Cedar Hollow Way Reston/Fairfax, VA - Reston

    I bought this house in Reston at a foreclosure auction over 2 months ago but have been unable to move in due to tenants squatting illegally in the house. I have to move out of my current house in 3 weeks and may not have a place to live. The stress is affecting my health and making me very depressed. While waiting to get things resolved I got a notice from the Reston Association that I owe them over $2,000 for unpaid dues that were incurred by the former owner of the house, not me. I sent a polite email to the Reston Association asking them to do the right thing and waive these charges since I was not responsible for them. All I got back was a stern letter from their law firm that said they would take me to court if I did not pay them. Is this any way to welcome someone to a new town? I think not. I could really use your help with this.


  • Fairfax County Pkwy Reston, VA 20191, USA - Reston
    Longer and more synchronous lights need to be configured from 3pm until 7pm during weekday rush. Current lights are too short and not in synch to allow any flow of traffic. After sunrise valley everything is ok.
  • Ms O'Dell Archived
    2231 Colts Neck Rd. Reston, VA - Reston

    Elderly disabled woman needs car & around it cleared Tues. to Thurs. a.m.. Needs to drive to medical. 2nd Handicapped spot from big tree in back of bldg.. "96 Gold Toyota Camry, Va XSD7179. Need to put snow on patio or grassy area.


  • 12494 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA - Reston
    Takes 10 minutes and multiple cycles just to cross fairfax county parkway.
  • 2231 Colts Neck Road Reston, Virginia - Reston

    Hello neighbors, I would greatly appreciate it if you could shovel my car which is 96 Gold 4dr Toyota Camry parked in the second handicap parking spot in the rear of my building after the storm. Due to regulations in my building the snow needs to be moved to grass or patio area. Please also note that only residents can park in the rear - so please park in front of my car with your flashers on while you shovel.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Ms. O'Dell


  • Sunrise Valley Dr & 7100 Reston, VA - Reston
    The intersection is riddled with potholes, bad patches and other issues, casing much concern and stress when driving through it.
  • Dulles Access Road Many, VA - Reston
    Metrorail construction crews on the Dulles access road routinely cone off one of the two travel lanes. Dump trucks then slow to 5 miles per hour in the only remaining lane in order to pull in and out of the many site entrances. This is ridiculous. Cone them in a way that construction vehicles can accellerate/decellerate in the coned-off lane without backing up traffic to and from the airport.
  • Center Harbor Rd Reston, VA - Reston
    Cnr of Center Harbor & N Village Rd street light has been broken for months. NB there is a pedestrian crossing which is indirectly under this light, so its important.
  • 2391-2399 State Route 666 Herndon, VA - Reston
    The traffic lights on Fox Mill Road at the junction of Monroe St stay red for too many minutes in Monroe Street's favor. Fox Mill Road is a favorite cut-through for traffic from Fairfax County Parkway to Centerville Road. The Fox Mill Rd only has one lane with a left-turn feeder. For cars going straight on or turning right, the line frequently goes way, way back and not all cars can get through when the light goes green.