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  • 6101-6151 Overdale Avenue Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Hi! There have been 4 fatal or near fatal accidents in the last month at or very near the Overdale / Seminary intersection in Oakland. People drive extremely fast on Seminary and exit at extremely fast speeds from the 580E / 13 exit. Please place a 4 way stop or stoplight at this intersection immediately.
  • 3620 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    We need the sidewalk completed with the trees and vegetation cut back on Seminary Ave between Outlook Ave and Oakdale and then Oakdale and Hillmont Ave . We see people walking on the road to walk down Seminary and its not safe , as the traffic is very fast.
  • 6515 Outlook Ave Oakland CA - Millsmont
    Cars are constantly speeding up and down the street and disregard the stop signs. The street should have more/larger speed bumps, signs. There should be a better way to stop the speeding.
  • Speep Hump Request Acknowledged
    Altamont Ave Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    On Altamont Ave between Sunnymere Ave & Hillmont Dr we have a high incident rate with speeding cars. There is a down hill slope at Hillmont Dr that divers love to use to ramp up to excessively high speeds before getting to Sunnymere Ave. We have a school one block over at Burckhalter Ave and lot's of young children on this street. Please advise what we can do to get a Speed Hump installed half way between the two cross streets.
  • 6147 Oakdale Avenue Oakland, California - Millsmont
    There are numerous potholes in this area and also down the street. Also, the street is so badly damaged that there is loose gravel everywhere. The street is at an incline, and this poses a dangerous condition. Several people have slipped and fallen on the loose gravel. The gravel needs to be swept away ASAP and the road needs to be repaired.
  • 6374 Buenaventura Ave. at 64th Ave., Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    Many ragged clumps of black and white plastic sheeting look terrible on three empty lots at the intersection of Buenaventura Ave. and 64th Ave. We suggest removing the plastic and spreading soil erosion plant seeds.
  • Other Open
    6147 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Millsmont
    roadside business. no business license.
  • 64th & Outlook Ave. Oakland, CA - Millsmont

    People blow through the stop sign, accelerating instead of slowing down/stopping. We really need a small traffic circle to slow people down.

    Burbank Preschool is only 1/2 a block away, and that makes for a very unsafe situation. I hope someone doesn't have to get hit before this issue is dealt with!

  • Delmont Avenue Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    For months, the vacant lots at top of Delmont Ave. (near Mokelumne) presents a fire hazard, as well as an eyesore, with overgrown weeds as well as trash dumping. The "sidewalk" has become unwalkable. The earth is sliding and is accumulating at the bottom of the hill and presenting a hazard on Buena Ventura also.
  • 6323 Sunnymere Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Seems to be a favorite location for an illegal drop- carpet, paint and chemicals etc.
  • 65th Avenue Between Outlook And Macarthur Blvd. Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    Families live on 65th Avenue. We are in a school zone. People come from the top of the Hill on Outlook and race down the hill at speeds over 50 miles per hour. Our children play in this area. WE ARE IN A SCHOOL ZONE!! We desperately need at least one SPEED BUMP on this street. Please. Save our children before something really bad happens and the City of Oakland is sued for negligence of a known issue.
  • 6288 Sunnymere Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Garbage bags, carport tarp