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    6718 Mokelumne Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Chronically Barking Dog - most often on cold nights; but on most any given night dog is outside in the back yard barking nonstop for hours and hours on end. (The wooded rear yard slopes down towards Hillmont and the sound echoes through the housing plan- it is difficult to determine exactly where due sound is coming from.) Neighbors have: 6718 Moke is the address. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DISTRESSED ANIMAL!!!!
  • 6330 Sunnymere Ave Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Several large bags of trash dumped on area between street and my gate. Reported Sunday but even though I thought I had noted my address, incorrect and vague address was attached to my report. Am resubmitting.
  • 3325 66th Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont

    abandoned car - probably stolen - license plate 3THP333 - nissan!

  • 6724 Simson St Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Hillmont and Altamont
  • 6636 Outlook Ave Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    My neighbor lets chickens run free on his property, then he uses a pressure washer to wash the chicken droppings onto my property. this has been ongoing for about a year. he has threatened violence.
  • dumping Archived
    Edwards Avenue Oakland California USA - Millsmont
    Couches and trash dumped in burckhalter parking lot
  • 7058 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    I called the City of Oakland Public Works Department last Friday October 24th to report a sofa illegally dumped in front of my house but on public property on the curb. They gave me a reference number and told me the sofa would he removed in 5 business days (that would have been Friday, October 31st. I was also calling every other day to make sure they were still coming to pick it up. When I called this morning (Tuesday, November 4th) to see why the sofa had not yet been picked up, the operator told me that the department HAD CLOSED MY CASE/SERVICE REQUEST AND THEY WOULD HAVE TO OPEN IT AGAIN AND SEND THE REQUEST TO A SUPERVISOR! They had told me last week that they were sending my request over to a supervisor and a few days later sofa was still there and They Still Had Closed My Case! Wtf?!
  • 4021 Edwards Ave Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    This house has been empty for over a year and the lawn is over grown and collecting trash. I reported this once before and the city fixed, now it needs to happen again.
  • 6210 Laird Ave Oakland, California - Millsmont
    The water keeps pouring out from under 6210 Laird. Oakland Public Works has not resolved this stream of water issue. This is a city street and the city has responsibility for getting to bottom of this matter. Apparently this is not sewer water, so what is it? Do residents have to take matters into their own hands and get a water analysis to determine the contents, then present it to a lawyer and find out who is liable for this eye sore, waste of water mess that has been going on for TWO YEARS!
  • 6155 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    A full size camper shell on its side.
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    6179 Laird Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Very over grown yard . Fire Hazard this is a constant problem with this house
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    6216laird Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Given that the drainage problem will not be resolved by the Dept of PW and given that these posts are public and given that harassment, property destruction and trespassing are all a consequence of reporting the drainage issue, my alarm system sign was ripped out of the ground and turned upside down today on the boundary with 6210.