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  • 6528-6598 Buena Ventura Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Looks like the interior of a car was stripped
  • 6869 Simson Street Oakland, California - Millsmont
    The home at 6869 Simson Street is occupied by Section 8 housing people. They dump their trash on the street and curb area, as well as the designated containers. The street appears to be a garbage dump near the cans. The renters do not tidy up the front of the property and it continuously looks like a pig sty. The owner of the property is out of the country, and there is no visible property management personnel to tell the tenants to clean up their mess. When confronted about the issue the tenants are belligerent.
  • 6210 Laird Ave Oakland, California - Millsmont
    So, this drainage issue has become personal. Twice since this issue has been publicized there has been vandalism to the adjacent property, ripped down alarm sign, twice, big garbage dump on front lawn and dying grass, looks like it got some Roundup. Dirty hands are involved as they waste precious water for personal gain. EBMUD was already called on this and their response "not our problem". As soon as this issue is publicized the water flow decreases and then when the coast seems clear, starts up again. Sooner or later this is going legal.
  • 3501-3591 65th Avenue Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Mattress dumped at Burbank Community Garden Entrance
  • 5920 Outlook Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    A fair amount of water is leaking out from valve cover in street and running in to storm drain.
  • 6210 Laird Ave Oakland, California - Millsmont
    On Sunday Nov. 15, 2015 water is pouring onto the street specifically from the drain at this residence. Now with the rain, what can be expected are opportunistic actions to use the rain as a cover for where this water is really coming from. However, it is very obvious that this is not rain water draining, it is the usual splish splash that has now become so predictable after 3 1/2 years of the same pattern. One can only wonder the ripple effect this drainage is having in terms of surrounding land sinking, contamination, toilet pressure problems and odd patches of green grass showing up. And still the Dept. of PW does nothing nor does EBMUD.
  • Danger on 73rd Acknowledged
    2945 73rd Ave Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    People SPEEDING DOWN the hill on 73rd. Nearly 2 Accidents per month right in front of my home. It would GREAT to have some kind of device that requires those speeders to slow down and be safe!
  • 6535 Buena Ventura Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
  • Graffiti on wall Acknowledged
    6300-6398 Buena Ventura Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Increased tagging on wall at empty lots
  • 6535 Buena Ventura Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    Cracking street pavement getting much worse in the rain.
  • 7058 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA - Millsmont
    I called the City of Oakland Public Works Department last Friday October 24th to report a sofa illegally dumped in front of my house but on public property on the curb. They gave me a reference number and told me the sofa would he removed in 5 business days (that would have been Friday, October 31st. I was also calling every other day to make sure they were still coming to pick it up. When I called this morning (Tuesday, November 4th) to see why the sofa had not yet been picked up, the operator told me that the department HAD CLOSED MY CASE/SERVICE REQUEST AND THEY WOULD HAVE TO OPEN IT AGAIN AND SEND THE REQUEST TO A SUPERVISOR! They had told me last week that they were sending my request over to a supervisor and a few days later sofa was still there and They Still Had Closed My Case! Wtf?!
  • 3556 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94621, USA - Mills College
    There is a mattress and a toilet.