Western Monmouth

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Western Monmouth County, New Jersey (Howell, Colts Neck & west)

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  • 629 Aldrich Rd NJ 07731 - Monmouth County
    In Howell, Aldrich Rd. from the Jackson border east up to Aldrich School is a continuous pothole that beats up on your car.
  • Ryan Road Manalapan/Marlboro, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County

    I want Malanapan Police to stop harassing drivers and issuing speeding tickets on Ryan Road. This road has a speed limit 35 mph within boundroes of Marlboro Township, but speed drops to 25 mph immediately after crossing boundry of Manalapan Township. It is the same road and the same area, so why is it ok to drive 35 mph in Marlboro and not ok in Manalapan.
    Does it mean that Manalapan need more money? Well, find another source of income.

  • Between Pond Road And Robertsville Rd Freehold - Monmouth County
    Algae fouls the lake. No boating, no fishing and it is getting worse each year. The lake will become a swamp.
  • 633-651 Aldrich Rd Howell, NJ 07731, USA - Monmouth County
    remave from 9 to jacksom\n
  • Gordons Corner & Tennent Road - US Congressional District NJ6

    The bridge crossing Rte 9 in Manalapan at the intersection of Gordon's Corner and Tennent Road is a mass of potholes.

    20100311 - Potholes are improved, but still present.
    20100326 - The potholes are now primarily at the intersection of Gordon's Corner Road (going north) intersecting with Tennent Road . It is a hazardous mess.
    04/25/2010 - In about two weeks, this bridge is supposedly going to be replaced!! Once this begins, I'll close this issue. (Of course, the bridge will be closed to a year or so, guess that's what I get for complaining.)

  • Rt 79 And Ryan Rd - Monmouth County

    Coming out of Inverness Dr onto Rt 79 is like playing russian roulette.

    The ongoing traffic from Ryan Rd never stops! We need the lights changed so that it goes green for Ryan Rd, and then turns Red completely.

  • 1392-1398 New Jersey 33 Neptune, NJ 07753, USA - Monmouth County
    There are 3-4 very dangerous potholes located right here. This is the intersection of Route 33 and Route 34, very near the Apollo Diner.
  • State Rte 33 NJ - Monmouth County
    This has been a problem for years. Its right at the route 34 / route 33 overpass. The enormous potholes are on the sharp turn to get onto 33 from route 34. The vehicle in front of me during our last snowstorm hit one of these potholes and spun around twice before striking the curb and breaking his axle. Very dangerous area to have such a bad roadway. I continue to see the county filling these, but two days later its back to where it was. It's obvious they are aware of the problem, it is just never fixed the proper way. Why waste time filling them when in two days they are back to where they were. MILL IT and PAVE IT!!!! The photo is just a small section.
  • Ramp From Wemrock Rd To Rt 33 W Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - West Freehold
    The ramp and that portion of Rt 33 West has needed serious repair for over a YEAR. The road is so damaged with potholes that it can destroy your tires and wheel alignment. It happened to me.
  • 298 W 2nd St NJ 07731 - Monmouth County
    there are majore pot holes and dipps in this road. so bad causing car problems and flat tires. they are all down the street no way to avoid please repave whole street
  • Tennent Road And Route 520 morganville, nj USA - Morganville
    turning lane not marked, nor is there a turning light, cars in both lanes proceed straight across rt 520, almost causing an accident every time I am in this area. I can't believe nothing has been done about this intersectiom
  • 198 Monmouth Rd NJ 07728 - Monmouth County

    E.M. Klein on September 19th, 2009:

    There needs to be a traffic light at Gravel Hill. There have been so many accidents between Gravel Hill and Thompson Grove on 537. The county is aware of the problem. The towns…both Manalapan and Freehold are aware of the dangerous intersection. They promised the residents a light over five years ago at meetings when new developments in that area were going up. How many accidents have to happen before a light is put up?