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My best approximation of the Dimond District

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  • 3860 Hanly Rd Oakland, California - Oakmore
    Both slides at Dimond Park have been boarded up and unusable for 6+. They need to be replaced or fixed so that kids can slide at the park! One slide is in the playground by the rec center, and the other is at the bottom of the park where Dimond St enters it.
  • 2391 Mcarthur Ave Oakland, CA - Dimond
    Open trench. Two sewer drain pipes leaking on to side walk and into gutter
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3443 Rhoda Avenue Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Dimond
    The entire block of Rhoda between MacArthur and Montana (3400 block) is riddled with about 20 to 30 GIANT potholes.
  • 4016 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Glenview
    My home driveway is frequently block or partially blocked by either parked or double parked cars in my neighborhood. Since my driveway is very narrow and the street is also narrow, this makes it either impossible or extremely difficult for me to drive my car off my property. A neighborhood Cordinator suggested submitting a request for parking "T's." I am open to other suggestions available. Thank you.
  • 3405 Dimond Avenue Oakland, California - Oakland
    Truck load of junk and garbage dumped in small city owned lot across from the Bienati Parking lot. They have walk in toward Sausal creek.
  • Blight Open
    3615 Fruitvale Ave. Oakland, CA - Upper Dimond
    This house has many broken windows. There is trash all around the yard. There is graffiti painted on the house . There are 3 Christmas trees in lot.
  • 7058 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA - Oakland
    Can not wait to move from here this is a reoccurring problem, looks like somebody whole apartment is dumped in front of my house and my neighbors house. The police really need to crack down on illegal dumping in this area I feel like it is moving trucks and are trucks coming from outside of the area and dumping this type of stuff
  • Other Archived
    Dimond Park - Oakmore
    Waste management dumpster by bathrooms was burned over the weekend and it needs to be replaced trash is all out of the bin and the doors are wide open
  • Sausal Creek Trail Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Oakmore
    Chai dumped in Sausalito Creek playground
  • 2453 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Dimond
    Disassembled white bedroom set and box of random garbage in a cardboard box. At the Boston and MacArthur bus stop.
  • 3320 Wilson Place Oakland, California - School
    There are so many pot holes on Harold Street between Fruitvale and Coolidge it is not even funny. With the amount of traffic that goes down that street, it is by far one of the worse streets in Oakland. Fix that street!
  • 2602 School Street Oakland, California - Sausal Creek
    The end of School St. is very dark and there have been burglaries on the street, a shooting at this location last year and other crimes like car jackings. This is also the entrance to William Wood Park which has been used as an escape route by people committing crimes. Having a light there would be a deterrent to crime after dark.