West Haven District 2 Council - Debbi Conlon

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Second District
Debbi Conlon
343 Beach St., Unit 402
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-934-1388

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  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The retaining wall near savin rock collapsed during the tropical storm in september 2011 and has yet to be repaired. Much of the "trail" in this area was also destroyed.
  • Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    capt. thom. blvd. - Camp. ave. to Washington ave. Someones going to get killed !!! esp. on the weekends
  • 528 Main St - West Haven
    The stop light located at the intersection of Main Street and Kelsey Ave need left turn signals. Traffic backs up much too far and causes undue traffic which could be alleviated by proper turn signals to allow traffic turning left to proceed.
  • 17 William St West Haven, Ct - West Haven
    Hi to the seeclickfix community, I have an issue to report in the neighborhood. I went outside to shovel my sidewalk. While I was working a renter next door, started harassing me and yelling that I need to stop putting the snow near his car, the snow was being placed on my own property on my lawn. I want to point out that his car was directly in front of my home it creates a major issue and blind spot. This often is done while they don't bother to park in front of their own home. So this is intended as to be nothing but harassment and annoying. I am only opening this report now as I expect things might escalate and SCF has been fantastic for documenting and watching 'problem children'. He shouted and repeated over and over that I can't shovel my sidewalk and that I needed to find a place somewhere else for the snow. I have been a property owner paying taxes for over 3 years and this renter who has created a constant parking issue harassed me while I was working. He parks infront of my house everyday, which is legal, but it is very inconvenient for my relatives when they come over to visit. Some of them are elderly and I think a little concern and care for them is due. That's all I ask. I want to also point out I was threatened by one of the other occupants of the house, he used threatening language and tones and repeated how this is his neighborhood, he;s ' lived here for 20 years and if I put snow next to his car "I'm done, I'm done" ' He also used the phrase if you do it 'Ill kill you.' A witness reminded him that was a threat and not very nice. I should have called 911, but it's so close to Christmas that I decided everyone gets a second chance. I do have multiple witnesses, who were thankfully a helpful voice of reason and recommended that I do just let it go and not involve police this time. I want to say that I am no ones pushover however and there needs to not be a second time. Thank you for hearing my comments and Merry Christmas.
  • Kelsey Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Please supply one or two portapotties for the playground. Children can not hold their urine like adults can.
  • 121 Thomas Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Renter who lives at this house has an old can with a modified muffler. Very loud even when not driving fast, person just makes circles from Thomas st back and forth many times a night. This has to be illegal, lots of odd cars / activities in Thomas st lately wish there was more police presence as there is a school not more than a block away
  • 11 Noble St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    So if we're supposed to park on the odd side of the street, and on my block we did, WHY does the plow oeprator typically angle his blade so that all the snow/ice gets dumped on the side of the street where we're supposed to park? It makes no sense, but that's West Haven for ya.
  • 154-160 Kelsey Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    An ongoing issue at painter park
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Another lingering project. Is there a time frame for this repair. I access this pier with my bike and fishing gear. I also know of an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair that fishes this pier. (Used to)
  • Platt Av West Haven, CT - West Haven
    The womens locker room at the pool at the WH High school is beyond disgusting! The floors are covered with black goop (I think the little smaller black rice-like objects may be from the a mice having a party, while larger black globs are just built up dirt), the tile walls moldy, and the "marble" walls so slimy that brown crud is on your fingers if you accidentally touch the shower walls. There is a BandAid that has been under one of the benches by the shower that has been there for weeks! The air vents are coated with a very thick layer of dust. Calling the Board of Ed or Park & Rec Depts is a joke- we just get referred back and forth, or transferred to a dialtone. I can't believe the Board of Health hasn't shut this down. The pool was closed for over a month to work on the pool itself, which was great to see work getting done, but you'd think maybe someone would have cleaned the locker rooms at some point in time in the past year.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Water fountain has been broken for so time. This is needed on this end of the boardwalk.
  • Park And Campbell Ave - West Haven
    at the intersection of Park st and Campbell ave, (mikes apizza) people are parking in fron of the laundry mat all the time and it is very hard to see oncoming traffic while trying to pull out, and also people near fire hydrant... police were called, never came.