West Haven District 2 Council - Debbi Conlon

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Second District
Debbi Conlon
343 Beach St., Unit 402
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-934-1388

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  • West Haven Dog Park around the WHHS tennis courts - West Haven
    The garbage can in the West Haven dog park is overflowing, and has been that way for at least 3-4 days (since I first noticed it). Looks like people have resorted to just leaving their garbage on the ground beside the can, which I'm sure includes dog feces.
  • Thomas St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Thomas street is a one way street. Everyday for the past 4 years or so there are people that will drive the wrong way up the street for what ever reason they have. Maybe its because its more convenient for them i do not know. its really annoying especially when cars go to turn down the street the right way and get blocked because the person going the wrong way will not stop and pushes the other car out.
  • 215 Blohm St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    People have a mini Doberman that barks from morning till nite. It is very very annoying. They need to make their dog stop annoying neighborhood. There is a reason a dog barks all day and nite.
  • 120 Park St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Kid on mini bike with friends standing in the middle of the street. Bike is annoying and they are blocking the street.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    the parking lot by the old dance floor off Captain Thomas Blvd is strewn with trash and garbage, really disgusting
  • 189 Park Street West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Stinky and smelly and wont get out of basement
  • Dead Tree Archived
    378-480 Blohm St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Dead tree that has been here for about 3+ years and the town will not take it down. Image to come soon.
  • 225 Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Their parking lot has some frontage along Morse Ave, behind the condos. Every year they pile the snow up against the chainlink fence along the sidewalk, and as the snow melts, it coats the sidewalk with a thick glazing of ice; this is particularly treacherous where their driveway apron (no longer functioning as such) slopes down. And the berm of snow left by the plow on the street side creates a barrier that causes the water to pool, making the sheet of ice even thicker. I've been reporting this to the police, to a state rep who lives here, and whoever else will listen, and nothing happens. The law requires that sidewalks be kept CLEAR OF SNOW AND ICE.
  • 100 Thomas Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Large vans, trucks, and other cars park on both sides of the street on this one way street, which is often used by the school buses of the Savin Rock school right around the corner. There has been 2 instances that I've actually observed so far this year where these large vans/trucks/ SUVs actually make the street so narrow city buses and school buses can't pass through. This results in them just honking on the horn for 10-20 minutes straight until the parties eventually realize they need to move their car (typically early am...)

    There are several houses on this street that rent out to 2-3 families each (separate issue) which causes the street to be littered with cars. The town needs to do something - ban parking on one side of the street? start permit parking on the streets? Keeping the parking ban up while there is still snow on the streets?

  • Beach Street New Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Please invest time to read this now.
    Up to 1,108,200 cubic yards of contaminated material currently in Bridgeport Harbor is heading for the New Haven area shoreline if people do not pay attention. This environmental waste from the last 100 years, according to the Army Corps' 1998 Draft Environmental Assessment, contains arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, zinc, poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners. Unsuitable for open water disposal. This dredge material will not be good for swimming, fishing, spawning winter flounder, impacts to leased shellfish beds, shell fishing, and may contaminate the drinking water as heavy metals settle into the ground. Dredged material will be released from a barge through, the water to land on the bottom.
    A standard, tractor trailer size (40x12x8.5 feet) shipping container holds about 84 CubicYards, so we are talking about 13,192 containers of contaminated waste dumped around Morris Cove in New Haven, Long Island Sound, Connecticut.
    _____________(SOURCE) --https://www.cga.ct.gov/2010/rpt/2010-R-0417.htm___________________________
    There should be no added toxic carcinogenic sludge in Morris Cove, a part of New Haven's outer harbor area. The cove's shoreline has parks, historic sites, and residential buildings. In the 1950s, about 1 million cubic yards of fill was removed from Morris Cove to construct Interstate 95, creating a “borrow pit” on the harbor floor. The pit is about 650 feet wide, 2,450 feet long, and 30 feet deep. The cost to contain this waste in Bridgeport is ($49.7M), which is $7.6M more than dumping in New Haven ($42.1M) which is why this is a problem for New Haven Shoreline.... Now.
    Ask Questions and Mail your written & signed objections so that they will be received in Concord, MA on or before October 16, 2015 Mail to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, Attn: Meghan Quinn, Project Manager, (978-318-8179) 696 Virginia Rd., Concord, MA 01742.
    2010 Draft Environmental Assessment, Evaluation for Maintenance Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal Facility
    Construction states 1,199,000 unsuitable cubic yards of dredge material needs to be disposed of (table 1, pg 17)

    __SOURCE__ http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Portals/74/docs/Topics/BridgeportDMMP/DraftEA-FONSI-404.pdf

    –------------ --------- Options to Morris Cove --------- –----------------------
    Option 1- Southeast CAD Cell. Is located just north of the east breakwater, bounded by the 35 foot entrance channel and has the capacity to store a majority of the unsuitable dredged material. In addition, no shellfish beds would be disturbed during construction. This SE CAD cell was retained as a proposed disposal alternative for unsuitable material, although the West CAD Cell (18 acres) is carried forward as an option in case the Morris Cove borrow pit is not supported as a disposal alternative (Pg.13).
    Option 2- Investigation (pg.9) identified two areas as potential Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) locations in Bridgeport, the Powerhouse Creek canal and the upstream portion of Yellow Mill Creek.
    Option 3- There are two specific technologies that seem promising to treat the dredged material that will allow it to be used in a beneficial manner. One process involves thermal treatment of dredged material where the resulting end product can be mixed with Portland cement. This “blended cement” can be used in construction. (pg.15)
    Option 4- Another process washes the material under pressure and adds surfactants to clean the material. The end result of this process is a soil that can be mixed or amended with other material that can be used in landscaping (pg.15)

    –------------------ –--------- CONTAMINATED MATERIAL ------ –--------------------------
    Samples were collected in 1998 and analyzed for total organic carbon (TOC), metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, and zinc), poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners. Subsamples of C, F, and K, and CLIS were also analyzed for dioxin/furans (pg.23). The results (pg.26) show PCBs, from double to triple the reference sample, up to over 100 times baseline (498 ug/kb) in first 39 inches of sample. The test sample from the entrance channel “NQ”, determined unusual variability among the five replicates warranted additional testing of that specific sample (pg.27).

    Ask Questions, then Mail your written & signed objections so that they will be received in Concord, MA on or before October 16, 2015... Mail to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, Attn: Meghan Quinn, Project Manager, (978-318-8179) 696 Virginia Rd., Concord, MA 01742.
    Thank You for your time and concern. Please copy and distribute this letter, or dispose of properly. I can be reached at my office at (203) 654-2905 in North Haven, CT...................................Sincerely, David Carr......

  • 27 Washington Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Out of town people park on California street and go to the beach or fishing. When they come back to their cars they throw all their garbage all over the streets and there chopped fish heads. I think parking signs would help to alleviate this problem and help spruce up our neighborhood. And yes, I do clean up all the mess!
  • 162-168 Kelsey Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Painter Park Playground Needs Work