West Haven District 2 Council - Debbi Conlon

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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2008-12-03

Second District
Debbi Conlon
343 Beach St., Unit 402
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-934-1388

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  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    3 males,ages 13-15 ish are pulling on locked bikes , they seem to posses a strong determination to steal property in this vicinity.One had a ridiculous hat on and a weird gait.They were half walking and half riding tiny babies bicycles..Please be aware of your surroundings , leave nothing unlocked ,leave nothing in your cars while strolling or sunbathing..It's a bad time of the month , when mother's send their kids out to play
  • 311 Kelsey Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    These high traffic areas need to be clearly marked to make for a safer pedestrian zone.
  • Trash Cans Archived
    196 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    For the July 3 "invasion" (the WHPD's words), plenty of extra trash cans were placed along the shoreline from Grove Park all the way to Savin Rock. the beaches along Beach St, including across from Chick's, were ignored. Here's the result. The trash cans this entire weekend have been overflowing, with massive numbers of visitors who throng here. This eastern end of town is typically ignored in any case, by Public Works as well as the Police Dept. We need more trash barrels, and we need recycling bins here.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Is there a timeframe on fixing this? Placing cones does only shows an awareness of the problem. It's a major hazard as it drops down 6feet in to the ocean.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    I just heard that developers are contantly proposing more west walk type of condo housing here , right where the lovely park and bocce courts are.They tout more taxes and ,well it seems more money for the local politician , who nobody sees or hears from.."Way too much crime and vandalism", the out of town attorneys say..I woner just who is behind all that now
  • 267 Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    The lingering problems in this town: notice the bulk trash, the overgrown hedge, both of which have been reported to the PD, numerous times. Since this picture was taken, about a week ago, the negihboring resident put out about 10 large black bags of trash, 6 days before trash pickup. And notice the campaign signs; the councilman running ofr re-election lives one block from this mess, and nothing has been done about it. If I were campaigining for office I surely would not want my campaign signs stuck amidst this mess.
  • blight Open
    130 Second Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    My neighbor's house was foreclosed on months ago. No one is taking care of the property. The grass is overgrown, the people next door put junk furniture on the property, and, worst of all, the walls inside are covered in black mold.
  • Thomas St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    There are two deep potholes between Dunkin' Donuts and the hair salon on that little Thomas Street extension
  • 121 Thomas Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Big green couch abandoned in front of bus stop at corner of street... walk down one block to the corner of california st and washington ave and you have another nice couch.

    I don't know how to enforce these dumping rules but its a clear eye sore now and the town should come clean up or investigate to look into who has been dumping the items.

  • 1 Richmond Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    The door rang and it was two solicitors. They had a binder and badges that read: Power--something. They asked to borrow my shovel on the stoop so I would open my door. It was dark out. I told them to get off my porch, but it made me afraid. They are constantly in the neighborhood and we are senior citizens!
  • Cottage Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Boat is stored on Cottage st., owner does NOT live around here, but needs to store his boat. That should be illegal, esp since there is not enough parking spaces for residents who live on Blohm and Cottage streets, to allow a non-resident to STORE his boat there. Please have removed. Also very hard to make turn from blohm st esp when cars are parked on both sides of street.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    One of the wooden walkways that connects the boardwalk to the beach has many broken sections of railing and missing pickets. There is evidence that the city recently repaired many other railings in the area, but clearly missed this one. It is an eye sore and safety issue!