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Second District
Debbi Conlon
343 Beach St., Unit 402
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-934-1388

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  • 85 Washington Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    the dog's name is Bella. I know, because this dog attacked me on the evening of Nov 26 2012 (less than 4 months ago), lunging up my hand as I pulled up and away on my dog's leash. I can only guess that the dog was originally going after my dog, but when she lunged at my hand, it was clear that she was attacking me. I have the scars from the three puncture wounds, and the 1 week course of antibiotics I had to go on as a result of a serious skin infection that resulted. I reported it that night to the PD, and a very caring and attentive animal control officer was at my house within 15 min. after taking a report from me, he then visited the owner of the dog, and called me the next day to confirm that the dog was current on rabies vaccination, was put on a 2week quarantine, and the owner fined $100 . That fine was not nearly enough, apparently, at least not as a deterrent, because last night the dog was off leash again, this time more than a block away from the owner's house. A man holding a leash, more than a half block away called after the dog, who didn't respond. Fortunately, the dog did not further pursue me and my dog. Today, I called the PD to report it, and the dispatch officer -- Standish -- said that I would have to be home between the hours of 8am and 4pm in order to report it, because Animal Control would not respond to a report of a dog off leash. I'm never home on weekdays during those hours -- I work! When I inquired, "even a dog with a history of attacking people?", Standish said, "sorry, that's protocol." I could try on the weekend, when I'm home. What this means is that a dog with a known history of aggression towards other dogs and people will be at large in our community, and my effort at exhibiting proper civic responsibility does me or my fellow West Haven citizens any good, because of the PD protocol.
  • 52-90 Morse Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Every year the West Haven Public Works ignores and neglects tasks such as maintenance of sidewalks that are on city property; this includes clearing snow in the winter and clearing weeds and leaves in summer and fall. A good example of this is on Morse Avenue, where weeds such as knotweed and mugwort overgrow the sidewalk to the point that it is impossible to walk on it. This is a PUBLIC SAFETY issue, because it forces pedestrians -- including moms pushing strollers, children, the elderly -- into the street (where we have ZERO speed enforcement). Getting these tasks done requires repeated phone calls, and then, once the weeds are cleared, they leave the detritus there, on the sidewalk, in the street, and, as seen in the picture, clogging storm drains along a stretch of Morse Ave that is frequently under water. Neighboring these neglected area, you'll find Park-Rec staff in the Morse Park ballfields weed-whacking around every chainlink fence. In Grove Park, crews weed-whacking, leaf-blowing, all on a daily basis. Ditto for the silly, wasteful, and entirely cosmetic daily beach grooming. But sidewalks? Nah. It's not just Morse Avenue; Blohm St is similarly ignored, as is the shamefully neglected stretch of 1st Ave that passes over the train tracks; here it's common to see people carrying groceries from ShopRite, forced to walk in the street because of West Haven's neglect of these basic responsibilities.
  • 42 Morse Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    The tenants here put these two sofas out 3 months ago, a week after the October bulk trash pickup. I've reported three times since then on WHPD's MyPD app, but nothing has been done. Last week, I reported it by phone to the PD, and still nothing.
  • 217-219 East Avenue. West haven, Ct - West Haven
    Hello. I have lived in this house for ten years. I have finally given up with this town. Not because of building and zoning but because of the overwhelming cases they must have. I have decided to put my house on the market and even though I will be living without a house, I will be much happier knowing I am one step closer to relocation. I have been looking at a few blanket/ tarps wrapped in leaves and a pink bag full of something since the fall time. I question if this is just covering the toxic paints that were cleaned from the basement last year. Not only that but there is garbage piled up on each side of the house. The front porches have had furniture store on it in a manner in which it can not even be used for months. Can the city of west haven help me clean this area up? I have been looking at this kind of thing for a while and have had enough. The landlord does not care about this area at all as we have had to do this before. I think they should be sited for blight and forced to clean up the property that she collects rent on and we are forced to look at, which actually brings our property value drown. I'd also question the legality of some of the cars that are parked at night time in at the intersection of east and William st. I have seen people take license plates off one car and put them on another to appear like they are legit. I have to pay at least 8k per year in order to live here. Do you think we can have a cruiser run the plates on a few vehicles down here to make sure they are registered to the cars they belong to and current? Lastley, props up to building and zoning and the w.h.p.d. , they certainly have their hands full and can be overwhelmed in this town. Good luck to everybody working and striving to make this a better place or just get out! Thanks.
  • 275 Platt Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Seems every few years local youth do damage to the structures and habitat at Cove River Historical Site. The site is an important wildlife sanctuary and archaeological site. Vandals have broken into the tool shed, ripped the door off and trashed the site. Worse yet, young boys have been seen carrying guns on the site and hunting wildlife including a family of foxes. If these foxes do not have sanctuary at Cove River, they will be in your back yards! Help stop this destructive behavior!
  • 118 Anderson Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    This is a regular occurrence: the plow clears the intersection -- in this case, Anderson and Noble, and dumps the entire load of snow right onto the curbcut at the crosswalk. Message to pedestrians: you're out of luck, suckers; get a car, get a life, because if you're a pedestrian, you're a piece of you-know-what.
  • Morse Park West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Come one come all! Morse Park is open 24/7 for whatever it is you want to do, be it donuting, 4-wheeling, drugs, throwing trash out your car windows, or using it as a convenient place to let your dog poop...be creative. The park gets no surveillance whatsoever, and the three gates that could be locked, are never locked. What the heck, it's just public property, and the current administration has made it quite clear that they don't care about West Haven east of Washington Avenue, despite specious claims that they've addressed blight and increased police presence (where??). .
  • 30-64 Park St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
  • Corner Of Thomas St And East Ave West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Between 11pm and 3am, alot of people pulling up to area of side yard gate on Thomas St. near the corner of East St. Someone comes out the gate, waits on the sidewalk, car pulls up, is there for less than one minute speaking with the person then leaves. The person goes back thru the gate and either goes into the house on the corner or the next house in on East St. Savin Rock Community School is diagonally across the street!
  • Washington Ave And Opp California St West Haven CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Beach Street in West Haven has to be paved it is in very bad condition and please respond
  • 2-306 Savin Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Here we go again. This is such a problem. I realize its difficult to find out who is doing this. Logically it has to be people living in the condos. What solutions have been discussed? Can you fine the condo complex? does the condo complex educate their tenants about bulk trash? What about putting a few large planters there? Something!!! But for now this needs to be removed. It's a hazard.
  • Peck St And Park Ave - West Haven
    Park St from Washington Ave to Morse Park has not seen a plow since the storm started