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  • 3406 Nevius Street Falls Church, VA - Lake Barcroft
    HP Photosmart C7180 All-in-One will send local faxes but will not send a fax to South Africa. Yet the landline will allow a voice call to a South Africa number but not to their fax? Problem reported twice to Verizon via online reporting starting late May 2010 and as of June8 8, 2010, still cannot send the subject fax? Help, please.
  • 6255 Columbia Pike Falls Church, Virginia - Lincolnia
    Button is broken: pushing the cross button does not operate the road cross sign, nor give red light to traffic on 4 lane Columbia Pike. This makes it very difficult and dangerous to cross Columbia Pike especially for young people or at night.
  • 3639 Malibu Circle Falls Church , Virginia - Lake Barcroft
    Please help. I'm a single parent and tried to go out and do it myself. My daughter is too rowdy and keeps disappearing on me, can't keep an eye on her and work. Can't leave her alone in the house either. Greatly appreciate it. Silver Hyundai Sonata. Va tags VCY-6326 (or 6236) I always confuse my tags. Middle car in the picture.
  • Street Light Archived
    6324 Crosswoods Dr Falls Church, VA - Lake Barcroft
    Light is out. Tree branchs block much ot the light (mostly in summer). Thanks!
  • Beachway Dr. Falls Church, VA - Lake Barcroft
    Helicopters have been doing training (I assume because they go in large circles for about 20 minutes and then they just leave). They even come down very low sometimes. It is happening on a consistent basis around 8:30 in the evening. It is loud and obnoxious. There are police helicopters as well as military helicopters. Why are there so many helicopters around the Lake Barcroft area? Most times they are not even flying by Culmore so people can't say it's crime related.
  • Power Outage Archived
    6129 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, va - Lake Barcroft
  • 3410 Stoneybrae Drive Fairfax, VA - Lake Barcroft
    street light on Grass Hill Terrace (close to corner with Stoneybrae Drive) blinks on and off all night. Pole identification appears to be CO816 and CN 93 - 5015 - P
  • 3527 Lacy Boulevard Falls Church, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
  • 3540 Devon Drive Falls Church, Virginia - Jefferson
    Tomorrow morning, 9-6-14, there will begin an illegal deer "hunt" with bows and arrows in White Gardens Park. The neighbors around the park whose property abuts the park were given assurances on Wednesday, 9-3-14, by both the Mason County Supervisor, Penny Gross, and the Lieutenant of the Mason DIstrict Police, Lieutenant Anthony Matos, that there would be no hunting in White Park this year. Our concerns are safety and the fact that the Park Bylaws specifically state no hunting, no fishing, no weapons. We have been harassed by the hunters, our property has been trespassed on. The police department and the Supervisor's Office have not been truthful with the residents and the hunt begins early tomorrow morning. Calls to the Magistrate, the Police Department, the Supervisor's Office, are being met by confusion as to who is in charge, who ordered the hunt, and who might have any answers for the residents directly involved. Please help!
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  • 3400 Block Of Nevius Street Falls Church, VA - Lake Barcroft
    Verizon customers should be on alert for unauthorized charges for Unlimited Games plus Starz(R) Play Pak subscription and Verizon's Security and Backup/Bundle 50GB subscription as well. These services/products were installed on our computer without our knowledge or approval by Verizon and charged to our Verizon account from Dec. 2010 to Feb. 7, 2011. Verizon agreed to cancel these subscriptions and refunded affected payments.
  • Sleepy Hollow Rd Falls Church, VA - Jefferson
    Going North or South on Sleepy Hollow Rd, it is impossible to drive at the speed limit (35 mph) due to the overabundance of potholes and broken road surface.