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  • 255 N Rosemont Blvd Tucson, AZ - Tucson Ward 6
    Rosemont, south of 5th St. clear down to Broadway has really bad potholes. The potholes run the entire distance between 5th St. & Broadway and are worst in the southbound lane. N.Rosemont was resurfaced in the last few months, but for some reason they stopped before they got to 5th St. and it has been in bad condition for years, now it is worse.
  • Pothole Archived
    Speedway And Euclid Tucson, Arizona - Feldman's
    Another one reported weeks ago and still not fixed. Northbound Euclid just before Speedway in Eastbound turn lane...dangerous potholes because some swerve to avoid them or get in turn lane late because of them...Figure it out.
  • Pothole Archived
    1100 Mountain Ave Tucson, AZ - North University
    Asphalt is encroaching onto concrete bike lane, creating a dangerous lip for bikes.
  • 4100 E Pima St. Tucson, AZ - Midtown
    Between 20 and 30 small (appx.6inch) and very large (appx. 2 feet) potholes on both east and west bound Pima st. Several are large enough to cause damage to tires and alignment and dangers to pedesterians and bickers.
  • 2229 East 3rd Street Tucson, Arizona - Sam Hughes
    There are a series of large cracks and seams in the 3rd St bikeway that are perpendicular to travel. Those are merely very annoying. There are also long, deep cracks that are parallel to travel, and that pose a danger to cyclists as the crack is deep and as wide as a bike tire. These cracks are located outside the "door zone" of parked cars, and are therefore located precisely where a bike would ride most safely.
  • Park And 2nd Tucson, AZ - West University
    This intersection is riddled with deep (crash causing potential) potholes, and there is a high volume of bike/car/ped traffic interaction.
  • 1333 N Park Ave Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    Street is in horrible condition.
  • 1388 N Park Ave Tucson AZ - North University
    I ride the bus many days of the week. I have no complains about the bus except one: the intersection of Park and Drachman. This section is very uncomfortable and bumpy. Many elderly and young people ride the bus. It is unfair to put them through the intense shaking that occurs at the bus traverses this route.
  • Pothole Archived
    1424 N. Park Ave Tucson, AZ 85719, USA - North University
    Park Avenue and Drachman intersection is an on going problem. Patch work will not correct this problem, especially with it being one of the rain run off roads. This intersection is awful. Having to almost drive over the curb to avoid the wholes is ridiculious. I have reported this 3 times, and as always just some asphalt is smoothed over wholes and that disapates about in two weeks.
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    22nd Between Wilmot And Craycroft. Tucson, AZ - El Conquistador
    On 22nd st between craycroft and wilmot is COVERED in pot holes. More on the east bound lane then the west bound kane but still a very large amount on both sides.
  • 1399 N Park Ave Tucson, AZ 85719, USA - Feldman's
    The road is impassable as the intersection is almost one large pothole. You must go approx 1-2mph in order to get across the intersection. You also have to get fully into the bike lane to get through.
  • Pothole Archived
    1695 1699 N Country Club Rd Tucson, AZ 85716, USA - Blenman-Elm
    Really rough and Bumpy intersection. Dozens of tiny potholes that make the road hard to drive on.