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  • Pothole Archived
    2801 East 3rd Street Tucson, AZ 85716, USA - Sam Hughes
    Very rough, uneven section of road.
  • Graffiti Archived
    822-898 North Tucson Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85719, USA - Sam Hughes
    One of many tags along Tucson Blvd near Himmel Park. Also several bike signs on 3rd Street are defaced.
  • Tucson Tucson, Arizona - El Conquistador
    The roads are a disaster here. The buildings look run down. There is graffiti everywhere. Tucson needs a facelift. It's no wonder why big employers skip right over this town and set up shop in Phoenix. Overall Phoenix metro looks fresh and has great roads. Why aren't we getting our fair share of dollars to fix this place up down here? Tucson has some serious potential!
  • Other Open
    2748 East Drachman Street Tucson, AZ 85716, USA - Blenman-Elm
    Buckled pavement, hazard to bikes on intersection
  • POTHOLE Archived
    6th St. & Olsen Tucson, AZ - Sam Hughes
    there is a BIG POTHOLE near this intersection that can cause serious tire damage!!
  • 745-799 East 2nd Street Tucson, AZ 85719, USA - West University
    What is going on with the repair of potholes? I have seen no evidence they are being repaired. You have several huge potholes on Euclid between University and Speedway in the northbound lanes - unsure about the southbound lanes. With all the students who ride bikes there someone is going to hit one and go flying into traffic! You also have BIG holes on Broadway in the downtown area that should be filled in - even while they are trying to get it fixed somewhat in time for the Gem Show - they have become intolerable and you are going to start having claims for wheel and tire damage.
  • 617 S. Railroad Tucson, AZ - Armory Park
    Two big potholes are on railroad ave., just south of E. 16th street about 30 or 40 feet
  • Pothole Archived
    3802 East Calle Ensenada Tucson, Arizona - El Montevideo
    Another pothole in front of the house at 3802 E. Calle Ensenada. The street is bad enough that running in the morning before dawn is a major risk taking event. I look forward to the City addressing this issue. Thanks.
  • 2221 E Hawthorne St Tucson, Arizona - Sam Hughes
    Many in every block between Campbell and Tucson Blvd.
  • Pothole Archived
    Drachman And Park Ave Tucson, Arizona - Feldman's
    Several potholes in the Drachman/Park intersection.
  • 3002 E Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85716, USA - Blenman-Elm
    Weeds over 3' in center court yard of apartment complex. Weeds,Trash and litter in apartment side yards.
  • Pothole Archived
    East Elm Street And North Campbell Avenue Tucson, Arizona - Catalina Vista-Blenman-Elm
    Since I can't log in to your system to reply i have to start all over. The subject pothole is on Elm, as clearly stated. God help us then if the city doesn't/won't handle it. Who from the UA - Bob Smith? From Banner: Kathy Bollinger? Banner is too busy taking over UA parking lots and tearing up everything west of Campbell to worry about the streets that the public has the right to use. What to do now? How come you don't know who owns Elm Street??
    Perhaps Councilman Steve K. or Councilwoman Karin U. need to be involved.