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  • Pacific Avenue At 25th Avenue Venice, CA - Venice
    A Crosswalk needs to be installed and pedestrian crossing signs need to be posted at Pacific Ave. at 25th Ave.. There are existing disabled access ramps on both sides and vehicular traffic does not slow down nor stop as pedestrians or the disabled enter the street. This is a high pedestrian traffic crossing to and from the canals to the beach.
  • 1219 La Cienega Los Angeles, CA - Pico-Robertson
    The alley on the wester side of 1219 La Cienega is eroding away. I can barely park my car without risking damage.
  • 2317 Oakwood Ave Los Angeles, CA 90291, USA - Venice
    Cars speed down my residential street at over 40mph everyday because it is a convenient shortcut to avoid the intersection at Venice and Lincoln Blvd.s. On the other side of Venice Blvd. Oakwood Avenue has speed bumps and stop signs, which discourages through traffic from speeding through a neighborhood filled with families with small children. I've asked the city to install a speed bump on our side of Oakwood Avenue, but it refused because my block isn't long enough to warrant one under their criteria. But a car counter and radar gun would show that there is way too much traffic for a small residential street and cars are going way too fast endangering everyone who lives here. Please put in a stop sign or at least speed bumps!
  • 2451 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 - West Los Angeles
    A lot of UCLA commuters head north/south on Westwood near Pico, and with the busy traffic where Westwood turns into one lane, mall traffic, and Pico traffic, bicycling commuters need to be protected and let the world know they can be on the road. I've been honked at and swerved around numerous times in this neighborhood!
  • 1049 S Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA - Westwood
    Along this stretch between Le Conte and Lindbrook are huge potholes in southbound traffic. Bicyclists unfamiliar with the area who leave a wide berth to allow for the door zone could hit these. The rest of us swerve to avoid them, which may aggravate car drivers.
  • 11066-11078 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA - West Los Angeles
    We need more bins (preferably with lids and solid exteriors). We currently have a single bin with no lid and is made of mesh material, that allows litter to slip out. An accompanying recycle bin would also be much appreciated.
  • Potholes Archived
    Keystone & Woodbine Streeet Los Angeles, CA 90034 - Palms

    Terrible potholes at the intersection.

    (The city repaved Woodbine street, EXCEPT where the potholes are at Keystone.)

    If they could simply REPAVE the INTERSECTION itself, that would be a tremendous improvement!

    Also, who is responsible for alleys? the potholes in the alleys (between Keystone and Mentone, North of Palms and South of Rose Avenue) are horrible!

    The potholes were poorly filled about a year ago and the filling is gone. Now the potholes are back - and BIGGER. Right now, they are filled with water. I fear ANOTHER bicycle rider will not realize how deep the water is, and that he will also fall and GET HURT.

  • 166 S Hayworth Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90048 - Mid City West
    alleyway behind Third street west of Fairfax Ave is only access to 3rd street and is full of really bad potholes
  • 2342 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA - Sawtelle
    Between sawtwelle and Westwood blvd on Pico blvd the road is riddled with potholes. Soon they'll grow worse and cause damage to cars if they haven't already.
  • 6401 Orange St Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA - Mid City West
    This needs to be made a 4 way stop. There are many accidents here, and many near accidents. Also, people drive to fast on this street.
  • 200-260 La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA - Mid Wilshire
  • 1026 Roscomare Road Bel Air 90077 - Bel Air
    Cars travelling at 60 plus miles per hour morning noonand night. Speed humps are absolutely useless and used as a launching pad. Speed cameras placed at intervals on the road would generate a lot of revenue which could then fund other projects.
    I seriously worry that someone is going to be killed or seriously injured. A residential road is not a race track nor should it be a cut through.
    Furthermore there is a school on the road too and parents are frantic with worry