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    2700 Perry St Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Swansboro
    Fonticello Spring at Carter Jones Park- the spring was shut off two years ago so that a plumber could clear a clog in the drain but the work was never completed and the spring is still shut off. The first seeclickfix issue ID is #1055183 and then a new issue ID was created #993712. Both of those cases are marked completed and have been archived but the work has not been done and the spring is still off. I would like for this work to finally be completed so that our community can once again enjoy the advantages of this natural water source.
  • 123 W 34th St Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    The woman who owns the (vacant) home next door to me is building a structure the size of a three car garage on her property and no building permit is displayed. The house is already a fire hazard, packed with boxes and junk from floor to ceiling,.. not to mention the feral cats and raccoons that have taken up residence. Six weeks ago, two dilapidated structures were torn down on the property, and construction started on this new structure Saturday, December 7 at 8 am. I want to ensure that construction is permitted and done correctly (with requisite inspections).
  • 123 W 34th Street Richmond, Virginia - Reedy Creek
    The owner of the boarded up property at this address has still not obtained any building permits for the construction of the new "shed" that is being built. I have checked on the city website and the last permit was from 2013/2014 for a "garage" which is not even a garage, it's just another shed to store the owners garbage. I have called the Richmond Fire Chief in order to get an inspection done on the entire property, the house itself is still a fire hazard because it contains nothing but cardboard boxes and one of the several "sheds" on the property has had a tarp over the roof for years. The rodent and critter population is out of hand due to this property and I am tired of dealing with this issue. I will continue to make posts, make phone calls and do whatever I have to do to get this issue taken care of for good. The city needs to stop putting a band-aid on the issue and handle it. How many "sheds" can one person have on their property? Can they just fill it to the property line with buildings? Because that is exactly what is happening. This latest "shed" is sitting against my property line.
  • 16 E. 34th Street Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    A piece of furniture and other household items are by the alley.
    Please pick this stuff up for my neighbors, and the area will look better!
  • 3306 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Swansboro West
    grass needs mowing, weeds running up the side of the building. Trash building up on sidewalk and grass areas.
  • Rats Archived
    123 W 34th St Richmond, Virginia - Reedy Creek
    The vacant property adjacent to my home is a constant source of trouble. First it was stolen items being stashed on the property, then it was a new outbuilding without proper permitting, and now it is rodents. And not just mice. Rats. I have found approximately 5 rats in my yard in the last week, 3 of which had been killed by neighborhood cats, but 2 of which were alive, and one which scurried in front of my lawn mower to escape a sure and sudden death by blade. I looked over the fence into the yard of the property in question and saw more rats in the yard - confirming my suspicion that this property is the source of the infestation. This is not only disgusting but a health hazard.
  • 25 W 30th Street Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro
  • 122 W. 33rd Street Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    Citizen states six foot hole is in alley behind his home. Workers were out to fix hole but dug in the wrong area, hole still remains. Please call Mr. YENEA GODLEY at 615-0555. this was initially reported in CRS #20020758117. Citizen had reference no. 18684.
  • 3300 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Swansboro West
    Overgrown lawn, trash everywhere on property and on area around bus stop. The entire area on Midlothian tnpk between E 33rd and E 34th is in need of major clean up and is detrimental to the surrounding areas that have improved.
  • A TO Z Archived
    121 East Roanoke St Richmond, VA - Swansboro West
    Just name it . Overgrown lot on front and back, car in front yard, car in back yard. Intire area in front and rear of house needs to be cleaned up. Resident has installed a basketball rack in front of house by adding cement from the sidewalk to the street that draws neighborhood kids well into the night.
  • 102 Dundee Avenue Richmond, VA - Reedy Creek
    Overgrown lot, trash in yard, along fence line. This house is an eye sore on a struggling area in the neighborhood. Would also like to discuss removing the chain link fence as it is falling apart, hazardous and acts as a collection pool for trash. I would be willing to remove the fence on behalf of the city. please contact me.
  • 3301-3341 Peyton Avenue Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Swansboro West
    Vital street light in the alley behind 33rd st. is out. This is a bad area for drugs, prostitution, and thefts. Please come out as soon as possible and repair this light.