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Revere, Winthrop

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  • Snow Removal Archived
    31-33 Mountain Avenue Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    I am an RHS teacher writing on behalf of my students. There are two large piles of snow on the sidewalk on Mountain Ave. between School St. and Broadway, forcing students to walk in the street on their way to the high school. Students would like this snow removed for safety reasons.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    11 Sargent Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    There are daily violations of vehicles driving on the side walk. This has been video recorded by the resident. Also, this happens to be the school bus drop off.
  • 420 Broadway Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    The old taxi stand building on Broadway next to Central Fire is a real eyesore that needs to be dealt with. Hopefully soon. This eyesore really makes Broadway look run down
  • Storm Water Archived
    115 Sagamore Street Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    Is this Normal? And this isn't even my biggest problem yet! I have been calling leaving messages and emailing for TWO YEARS under ALL this water is a STEEL PLATE from two years ago when the house was being worked on and we weren't living in it I don't know if it was verizon, national grid, Dpw or any anyone else who left it there but besides the fact that it had been a HUGE eye sore it is starting to attract mice AND if you can tell I'm on the corner with no side walk or fence so anyone walking from shawmut to sagamore or vice versa crosses right through the lawn including children walking to the park on the corner of sagamore and Neponset. It is dangerous!!! Someone fix this PLEASE I've called my ward council city hall and you all want to ignore the issue.
  • Ocean Avenue Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    So I would like to know if along with these nice brand new apartments on ocean ave if the horrific ocean avenue it's self is going to be redone? In front of these apartments the road is just horrible, same with the rest of ocean ave, you've got to drive in the other lane if you don't want to feel like your car is falling apart. Please get ocean fixed its greatly necessary!!!!!
  • Other Archived
    Thorndike Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Thorndike streets needs to be repaved this year. The street is in horrible condition.
  • 1107 N Shore Rd Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    The left turn arrow from North Shore Rd to Revere St is drastically shorter the last few weeks and causing a major back-up. It took me over 10 minutes to go from Wonderland parking lot to turn onto Revere St. This is also causing dangerous conditions with people running the light. Please consider returning the timing of the left turn light to the previous length.
  • 65 Dehon Street Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    65 Dehon St.
    Base of sign is dangerous to pedestrians.
  • 47 Franklin Avenue Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    The Sidewalk is in such a bad shape that its a Hazard for everyone walking on it. areas are craked there are holes.
    I have seen Parents
    pushing strollers in the street rather than the sidewalk . Its that serious
  • 5 Ensign St. - Revere
    Blacktop walkway across from 5 Ensign is all crumbled. Dangerous condition.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    1-19 Shawmut Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    The side walk on the right hand side of Shawmut st is falling apart.
    There are crack and a huge pothole that was filled by the city last year but was not done correctly i think. When it rains, water comes up from the cracks and the pot hole fills up. Numerous pedestrians have fallen and tripped on the side walk due to the pothole being hidden by the water. There are also numerous bumps that people have tripped on as well. Please fix. Thank you for the hard work.
  • No side walks Archived
    21-51 Salem Street Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    It's impossible to walk anywhere there except in the middle of the street. It's dangerous, cars don't stop at the pedestrian lanes because they can't see anything. We don't have a car and I feel you treat us as second class citizens.