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  • 8 Library Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    My name is Michael Mayo and I live on Library street. For the past 3 months since the change in parking signs the residents on the street an business employees nearby have complied and followed the rules. Since college has been in session there has only been one instance of vehicles receiving tickets. As the college kids are 95% of the problem, I believe this to be extremely unfair to the people who live and work here. I've personally witnessed cars parked in the same spots for 24-48 hours at a time. As well as people placing old tickets on their windshield to avoid getting new ones. Continued enforcement needs to take place, otherwise these signs and regulations do absolutely nothing outside of place a burden on those who live and work in this area. Please address the situation
  • 10 Shawmut Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    In 6 years, there have been at least 15 accidents at this intersection (that I am aware of as a bystander- most likely there have been more). There have been 6 in the past year alone. We have replace our fence three times in three years. Please look at the attached photo- and PLEASE, City Councilors, do something before there is a tragedy!!!! This last one was far far too close!
  • Elm Street Framingham, MA - Framingham
    There is a bus driver who drives the M24 bus through neighborhood and to Cameron for 2:25 pickup. He literally drives 25mph and then comes to complete stops in the middle of the road. I noticed why today.......his head was down assuming he was on his cell phone and the reason for driving under the speed limit and stopping every couple of feet. I have no idea who to contact about this but it's an every day occurrence from Linda Ave through Simpson and onto Water St around 2:20. Someone is going to get hit or killed by this driver and he's very unsafe!!!
  • Cypress St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    We've been seeing an uptick in groups of people entering the Cedar Swamp at all hours. Loitering around the area for long stretches of time and occasionally sticking around overnight and being inconsiderately loud. Tonight is no different than previous nights. We've also experienced an increase in issues relating to our cars being ransacked, Amazon packages have gone missing, and (password protected) internet services (WiFi, specifically) has been accessed without authorization and who knows what they're doing with it. We've noticed a large quantity of bags, purses, and empty pill bottles in the swamp. The police were already called regarding these issues. Lock your car doors, secure your belongings around your house, remember to update your router/device firmware regularly (don't be like me!), and look out for your neighbors! We're all in this together, after all. Pass it along! (this message brought to you by the 4-5 people yelling in the woods at 3am)
  • 54-98 Kittredge Rd Framingham, MA 01702, USA - Framingham
    This is the small path from the end of stonybrook rd over to Warren at bowditch field.
  • 64 Lockland Avenue Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    As a parent to two small children with plenty of other young kids in our neighborhood, we invite and welcome increased scrutiny and monitoring of the speed of the vehicles on Lockland Avenue, particularly as they approach Route 9. I'm scared for our kids, elderly neighbors, and even us as we attempt to back out of our driveway and then travel at reasonable rates of speed.
  • Streetlights Archived
    22 Flutie Pass Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There are 4-5 street lights out on Flutie Pass by the movie theater. Only one has a pole number on it, which is the number I provided. Numbers are missing on the rest of the poles that are out.
  • 235 Old Connecticut Path Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There is currently a yield sign at this intersection for those heading NNE on 126 who want to go right on Old Connecticut Path. However, many cars do not yield at this intersection. I see this almost every day when I take this route going to work by the fact that I turn left from Concord St. onto Old Connecticut Path. I have almost been hit multiple times, but I end up having to stop short. Please either add a second yield sign further south on 126 or just move the current one back so that people know to yield when making this turn. It is too dangerous otherwise. I did not take a picture.
  • 79 Gregory Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Street light at 79 Gregory is not working
  • Main St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    I am wondering how long the night time construction on Main Street will continue. The construction BEGINS at 10 PM and does not end until the morning - I know this because I am kept awake all night by it. I work two jobs and would like to able to sleep a few hours every night.

    I do not understand how normal noise ordinances say loud noises must END by 10 PM yet the town is allowing construction that makes an unacceptable amount of night time noise. Not to mention there are HUGE lights that are shining and keeping us awake. Pets all along the street are barking because of the noise.

    Please let me know how long my quality of life will continue to be affected by this noise. It is unacceptable.

  • 60 Dudley Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Hi. Considering the brand new, beautiful Children's Grove Playground is attracting lots of families, it would be great to have a bathroom there and not just the one porta potty that is next to the playground. The porta potty is not safe for little kids, there is no place to change diapers and it is not handicapped accessible. The last time I went to use the porta potty, it was filty beyond use. Are there plans to build a bathroom there with multiple stalls and a sink?
  • Street Repair Archived
    279 Elm Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Just outside the driveway of 279 Elm Street there is an old excavation patch (apparently from a water line dig) which has sunken over the years such that the eastern side of it is now several inches below grade, which is rough on cars going over it. Please fill so that it is grade-level.