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  • Concord And School Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Can you make the red right arrow flash instead of being solid or make it a yellow right arrow? For some reason, people don't know what to do when they come to a red right arrow. They don't know they can turn right on red if it's safe to do so. They sit there and wait, thinking it's going to change to a green right arrow. This is causing a terrible traffic bottleneck, even worse than it was before the beautiful new street lights went in. Everyday cars get backed up the full length of Hamilton Street to Old Conn. Path and nearly the full length of School Street. Drivers become impatient and irritable dealing with this, when all they want to do is get home after work.
  • Pothole Archived
    517 Worcester Road And Mclaughlin Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There is a large depression at the edge of McLaughlin Street, which is perpendicular to Rt. 9 behind the Dunkin Donuts. Also McLaughlin is in rough shape. This was previously reported a couple of weeks ago and the issue was closed with the comment that the problems were addressed. They aren't. The pothole was previously filled in some months ago, but the asphalt has sunk and is at least depressed half a foot, if not more, and quite large.
  • 1333 Massachusetts 126 Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Drivers traveling north on Concord Street are coming around the curve under I-90 and then taking the left turn onto A street without yielding to the southbound traffic on Concord. This results in head-on collisions, serious accidents on a regular basis. We need a blinking yellow light and a Yield sign, or other signs and signals to improve that intersection.
  • Shoppers' World Way Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    The stop sign here between Lowe's and Target, facing north, is completely obscured by the trees alongside the Lowe's property. Have witnessed cars blowing through the stop many times, creating a clear hazard with traffic trying to exit from Target and coming in from Cochituate Road. THIS HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY REPORTED & NOTHING DONE.
  • Street Repair Archived
    279 Elm Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Just outside the driveway of 279 Elm Street there is an old excavation patch (apparently from a water line dig) which has sunken over the years such that the eastern side of it is now several inches below grade, which is rough on cars going over it. Please fill so that it is grade-level.
  • 351 Edmands Road Framingham, MA - Framingham
    When the temperature warms up, motorcycles, particularly sports types, speed up and down our street. We are at the bottom of a steep incline and the motorcyclists gun their engines creating a very, very loud and disturbing acceleration sound, typically between 5pm-10pm - somtimes later. Could you please monitor the area? Due to speed and the irregular schedule we have not been able to get a photo.
  • 29 Gordon St Framingham, MA 01702, USA - Framingham
    Broken pile at the corner of Arlington and Gordon streets. This pile is already a double pole - but the newer pole is now visibly cracked and separating.
  • 20 Main St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I am a resident at 20 Main st. The majority of the night time road work on the sewers is taking place directly infront of my house. I understand that this is needed and the roads can't be worked on during the day, I just want to voice what we have been having to deal with every single work night for the entire summer. This isn't just some noise you can easily ignore. It's extremly loud, and the work they are doing shakes our entire house at times. I haven't slept on a work night in weeks. Literally. I have an 11 month old child that gets woken up and scared by the noises. It's just unbearable. We also have cones and large bumps at the end of our driveway, and a hose connected to our house, and construction workers walking through our yard to connect and disconnect the hose. This just is not right. Also there has been black sediment in the bottom of my sons tub every night, which I called and spoke to someone about and got no response.I feel as though the residents having to deal with this should be getting some sort of tax break, or at least payment to stay in a hotel if we choose. This is our home and I dread going to bed 5 nights per week. Please try to understand. Thanks
  • 25-33 Parmenter Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    This report was made in June and was closed, but it hasn't been resolved yet.
    Landscaper dumping. On both sides of road this time. West of #24 Parmenter road. Seems like the same dumper. Always clear plastic bags with branches, leaves inside. Also a couple of large plastic planters. Thank you.
  • Arlington Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Arlington st between Irving and Waushakum . 4 times now our vehicle has been struck while parked. 3 times it was a hit and run 1 time the person called the police. The road is too narrow for 2 full lanes of travel a 1 lane of parking. We have a dozen commercial vehicles parking overnight and oversized vehicles including emergency vehicles driving down the street and the road becomes too narrow and parked vehicles get damaged. There is a park on this street where kids play and with the obstructed view due to parked commercial vehicles some day a child is going to get hurt. Something needs to be done
  • 315 Old Connecticut Path Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I went to this place last week to get to-go, and there was a very nice man there. However it must have changed management, because 1. the smell, when I walked in there was not good for a food place, smelled like something rotten, 2. there were personal papers/items stacked up behind the counter on something..not sure if on a stove or what....the food in bakery dishes did not look good either.....I ordered just a garlic pizza which was good and seemed okay, the salads looked okay except for the dressing...I asked for Italian and I got a lump of white stuff floating in oil...did not eat that as it looked like either in it was frozen or a big lump of mozzarella in oil, not sure what that was and was not going to look any further. They lost me as a customer. The whole layout does not look good behind the counter and kind of hidden-like.
  • Highway Archived
    1 Franklin Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Commuters do not have nearly enough parking spots as it is. Adding construction to the lot we are in dire need of spots. Street sweeping signs are out for the area around the commuter rail Monday through Friday. Can Dpw complete sweeping today so the signs can be removed by tomorrow? It's unreasonable to remove so much parking that is desperately needed for a week when sweeping can be prioritized here.