Fur Arrimaha: 147 Arrimaha xidhmay: 2,424 Arrimaha la Qiray: 342
Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2015-03-07

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 25 Ron'S Way Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Homeowners at 25 Ron's Way have been operating a small bulldozer/Bobcat on their property for several hours per day, 5+ days per week for several months. Possible business use loading gravel, fill dirt, etc. The rumbling engine noise and constant sound of the back-up beeper disrupt the quiet enjoyment of surrounding neighbors, many whose residences abut the construction area in close proximity. I work from home and find this extremely distracting, as this is not a commercially-zoned area. What can be done about this nuisance?
  • 40 Knight Rd Ext FRAMINGHAM, MA - Framingham
    Been out since October. 2nd request to fix
  • Highway Open
    82 Fenwick St Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Worried about children and walkers on Fenwick St. that the cars go much too fast ! I believe there should be a speed limit of 15 MPH or road bumps installed on street before a bad accident occurs .
  • 119 Arthur Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Lack of parking regulations enforcement on the public park across Bishop Gardens Condominium, vehicles keep parking on the wrong side of the street and damaging it.
  • 34 Shawmut Ter Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    It is 5:00am and the MWMC is once again conducting its monthly test of its emergency generator and emitting sound above levels and and times permitted under the city’s noise ordinance. The noise travels across Learned’s Pond and affects an entire neighborhood. The Health Department has advised me that this violation is a police matter.
  • 6 Canterbury Pl Framingham MA 01702, United States - Framingham
    Not sure this is the correct way to park on the street. Makes it difficult for trash trucks to turn around and other large vehicles. This is a daily/nightly occurance
  • 54 Kendall St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    My car was towed in a lot that has no signs for not parking. I was charged 214 dollars today. The company VTT owns the parking lot. The only signs are if you enter from the other side, which are impossible to see if you enter from the main entrance on Kendall street. There are no signs in or around the lot
  • Cushing Memorial Park Dudley Rd, Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Good morning.
    I would like to know the process in filing formal complaint.
    My complaint would be on the lines of personal harassment from an employee (self titled “supervisor of beautification”).
    I have had four altercations with this individuals and all have been unprovoked or unjustified to warrant any conversation.
    This last instance after being treated “to be banned from the park” she followed me in her truck (plate:M92 291) as we left the park. Passed me twice:
    - slowed down behind me
    - passed me as I crossed winter street).
    THAT is unnecessary, uncalled for and terms of harassment on its own!
    Please call or email me with instructions on how to file a complaint.
    - Robin Padliya
    (857) 499-4454
  • 49 Gilbert St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    they park on the wrong side of the street
  • 45 Gilbert St Framingham MA 01702, United States - Framingham
    Another night of parking on both sides Parking rules do NOT apply on this street Free parking! Come on through!! Just park all day long It's fine No one cares Don't care for parking in driveways It's a one way street now...
  • Chestnut Pl Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Grey Toyota Corolla blocking Chestnut Place
    (private way) onto Chestnut Street.
  • 19 Hickory Lane Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    The people at 19 Hickory Ln leave 2 unregistered vehicles parked in the street every day all day all year long.
    The street is narrow as it is and these cars make it hard to pass. The plows aren't able to clear the snow properly. Many people walk the neighborhood and with no sidewalks and with the ice and snow it makes walking dangerous as cars and people aren't able to pass at the same time.
    Please have these people adhere to the current parking ban.