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  • 56 Franklin St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Not to say much the photos already speak for itself .... Locking the door of a store, stench , and the Framingham prefecture not take any action for that ? 3 months this junk 's there ... we'll have to call a television station ? I see the suffering of the owner of this establishment with the flies and the stench and no one helps .
  • 111 Speen St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Hi there-
    Generally, I let these things slide, but my issue is becoming more frustrating and my experience on Friday, June 3, 2016, drove me to write.
    I work at 111 Speen St. In Framingham. There is a side exit from the parking lot that empties out onto Speen St. across from the TJX parking lot exit to Speen Street. I understand that TJX pays for Police detail to help their employees get out onto Speen St. at the end of the day. However, most days the officer on detail there doesn’t pay any attention to anyone trying to get out of the 111 Speen lot across the way, so often we have to quickly get out when there is a gap, or when the officer is switching the traffic. That right there is sometimes dangerous, but there are few officers that sometimes acknowledge us and help us get out.
    This past Friday, I noticed the officer who was on (I did not get his name) was stopping everyone coming out of the 111 lot ahead of me, but I did not know why. When there was a clear gap (It was later so not as busy as 5-530 pm) I pulled out and he stopped me immediately and asked me if I knew that I could be fined 100 dollars for taking a left over the wide lane divider that has the diagonal lines crossing it, that it is illegal for me to take a left turn out of my parking lot. Admittedly, he was rude and full of attitude about it so my response wasn’t very friendly in return. I told him that he is the first officer to ever point that out to me the 10 years I’ve worked here, and he asked me if I “remembered what was in my driving manual”, to which I said was a long time ago. He went on to say that didn’t I see him stop the lady who hit him with her car, and that I should go out the main exit and around the block, which means onto 30 and around to get back to Speen and Old CT. Path. I said, I live on this side of Framingham, why would I do that, it’s a hassle and a lot more traffic. He again mentioned he got hit by a lady and I said “I’m sorry you got hit”. His response was a sarcastic “I’m sure your sorry” as he waved me off. His attitude was disrespectful, so he got no respect from me in return.
    I get that people have a bad day, but he was systematically stopping and pulling over people and disrupting the flow of traffic to what amounts to harassment for something we have been doing every day without issue (other than taking our lives into our hands). I don’t even care about his attitude or behavior, to me the bigger issue is, why can’t we take a left turn there? Is every officer going to now uphold that rule? We certainly cannot take a left out of the main entrance to the lot because of its angle out onto Speen, and its proximity to the light at route 30. Though I know my bldg will not pay for detail, is it really that hard for the officer on duty to acknowledge us? I’m waiting for the day someone coming out of my lot gets in an accident and your officer is on traffic detail 20 ft away.
    I’m sure most the officers won’t have a problem with us taking a left out of the lot like this guy today did, so I would bet we will continue to leave the lot to the left without issue, and hope that the officer from Friday is not on. But they all need to be on the same page.
    I’m just asking that someone looks into the matter and clarifies if this is indeed going to be a problem going forward.
    Thank you for listening.
  • 85 Walnut Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There is an empty house on walnut street that needs to be torn down. It is not only an eyesore but a health hazard and danger, I reported this 2 years ago and so typical of Framingham that nothing has been down.
  • Highland St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Woman and children knocking on doors to sell food and bakery. No charity or foundation they are selling for. Illegal with no proper license. Wasn’t able to tell me all ingredients in the food. They live close by on pine st . Gave me a Facebook card with her business on there under the name : Linaymare sweet shop .
  • 51-59 Woodland Dr Framingham MA 01701, USA - Framingham
    (Daily occurrences)Disturbing the peace, speeding, texting and driving, drug use while in drivers seat of car, potential drug dealer, muffler is not up to state regulations. There is a light-ish blue mid 2000's Honda Civic that drives through my neighborhood every day, sometimes close to 10 times a day that parks at the truck stop parking lot off of I-90 in the neighborhood of Woodland Dr. His muffler is very loud and often wakes me and my children up at night and in the morning. He is constantly texting and driving, constantly speeding and I am afraid that he will hit a pedestrian. He comes by at very random times, but I have heard him drive by at all hours. There is no pattern to the time frames and he does not work at the truck stop. He usually drives there and leaves almost immediately after. The other day I went to the truck stop to grab dinner and I saw him parked there and he appeared to be doing drugs, and then a car pulled up beside him and got into the passengers seat of the car. We think that he is selling drugs due to the frequency and briefness of his visits. We would like to remain anonymous for the safety of our family but we would truly appreciate an officer scoping this situation out and making sure there are no drugs being sold in our neighborhood.
    Thank you.
  • 28 Bridges Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    People that don't live in the area are storing commercial and business vehicles on Bridges and Naples Street. There are no spots for the people that actually live in the neighborhood.
  • 1001 Waverly Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    This house has been rented for the past few years. There have been numerous occupants living in the house at one time. It is a single family house and there have been numerous families living in it at one time. The backyard has been full of trash, appliances, roofing materials, numerous metal ladders, paint, torn up rugs, furniture such as mattresses, couches, etc, clothing, and anything else you can imagine. The yard smells and it is attracting animals. A few months ago they had a fire in the backyard because the tenants were burning things and the fire department had to be called. The property is disgusting and it is bringing down the property values of the surrounding houses. The Board of Health really needs to look into this property because it probably needs to be condemned or seriously cleaned out!!!!!!! I wish I could upload all of the pictures I have, but it will only take one image. The picture does not even come close to how disgusting this property is!!!!!
  • 9 California Ave Framingham Massachusetts - Framingham
    It feels like my car is going to loose suspension when going over that railways.
    The asphalt there needs to be repaired. The rise level is off and has potholes around it.
    Same goes for the useless "left out" railway at 38 California Ave. (down the street towards the mountain).
  • Concord Street By School Street As Well As Concord By A Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    What idiot came up with the idea of installing traffic signals at Concord/School Streets as well as Concord/A Street? It makes traffic more of a nightmare.
  • Parking Issues Acknowledged
    100 Wilson St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    I would like to know why we have parking regulations if they are not enforced. I can't recall how many times I reported this issue. We need enforcement.

    Vehicles parked on both sides of Wilson St, this is a safety hazard, the street is not wide enough.

    What are the regulations for commercial vehicles parking on the street. There are so many big trucks and construction van on this street that looks like a warehouse district.

  • Parking Issues Acknowledged
    21-25 Eden St Framingham, MA 01702, USA - Framingham
    Everyday for the past few months Eden Street, a small residential street, has been used for employee/ client parking by Union Ave. business CommCreative. This creates tight driving for this small street and limits parking for our guests. A private business should have ample parking spaces and should not jam up small residential streets.
  • 18 Purchase St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    A very large dump truck with a trailer that has heavy equipment on it regularly parks over night until around 7 am on the river side of Purchase Street by the curve in the road, taking up more than half the road. I'm concerned that a fire truck would not be able to pass and it makes it dangerous for the students walking to the high school negotiating the small road with passing cars. The driver must live nearby as he walks to and from the truck.

    I have photos of the license plates and there is a sign on the side of the truck:
    Driveway Specialists