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  • Fencing Archived
    5600-6200 West 5400 South Kearns, Utah - West Valley City
    The Fencing along that road is horrible and needs replaced. All other heavy traveled roads have the block fencing. This is a distraction and makes Kearns look trashy. I live on Emilion and travel this street frequently and its a definite eye sore.. Are you going to put up any fencing to beautify and noise distraction?
  • 4061 5600 W West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    The morning rush with Mountain View Corridor open makes the east bound lanes and left turn lanes (4100 S eastbound to 5600 W northbound) back up for two to four light cycles.
  • Other Archived
    3031 South 8400 West Magna, Utah - Magna
    The sidewalk has been closed for more than 2 months. The only way to pass is to walk into U111 / Baccus Hwy / 8400 West! I have been patient long enough and is unacceptable! There are many people who walk these sidewalks including my children to get to and from school. THIS SIDEWALK NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED ASAP!!
  • 7069-7087 W 6200 S West Jordan, UT, 84081, USA - West Valley City
    A new light was put in on the west side of Bacchus at 6200 South. You can sit there forever until a vehicle approaches from the other side of the road to trip the light. Can something be done to be able to trip the light coming from the west side of Bacchus on 6200 South?
  • 4101-4139 5600 West West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    We were at the light for over 8 minuets. Every other light at the intersection was working but our stayed red. The cars in front of me almost ran the light. This was a definite safety hazard.
  • Other Archived
    Utah 111 Magna, UT - Magna
    There is a old traffic signal pole that has been left on the side of the road in front of the yellow house for months. Could you please pick up the traffic pole.
  • 5446-5550 3100 S West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    lights are not allowing traffic going east/west sufficient time to cross 5600 west resulting in long delays.
  • 5601-5633 West 4100 South West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    Left turn signal is too short, usually have to wait 2-3 cycles to get through this light during rush hour
  • 4101–4159 S 6400 W West Valley City 84128, United States - West Valley City
  • Public Safety Archived
    3383 S 5530 W West Valley City, UT, 84120, USA - West Valley City
    I'm just wondering who the genius was who came up with the green lights on the wing plows. I believe I was "pre-school" age when I was taught green means go... For caution or stop, amber/yellow, orange or red would be more appropriate. I would have guessed your risk manager would have told you so...
  • 7010-7064 W 6200 S West Jordan, UT, 84081, USA - West Valley City
    The intersection light at 6200s and Bacchus Hwy was working just wonderfully, meaning when our car would pull up to the intersection from our neighborhood to go east, or west, it would not take very long for the signal to change for us to go. Over the last few days, neighbors have been noticing that it has been taking longer and sometimes up to 3 minutes with no traffic traveling on Bacchus north or south. Some resort to running a red light. We feel that construction inthe area may have messed with the signal or the sensors for the signal. Please fix this as soon as able.
  • 5850-5854 S 5600 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84118, USA - Kearns
    Traffic signal is turning red consistently when nobody is crossing the street.