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  • 9000 S Mountain View Corridor West Jordan, Utah - West Valley City
    Traffic signals out in several directions.
  • 2100 S 7200 W Magna, Utah - Magna

    This issue keeps coming up. Sometimes the light will be reset and more green light is allowed. Recently the green light is too brief again and cars back up all the way to 8000 W. It adds an additional five to ten minutes to go from 8000 W to 7200 W and then 201 is packed all the way past I215.

    Thank you for reviewing.

  • 6200 South 5600 West Salt Lake City, Utah - West Jordan
    the light for westbound traffic would not turn green. the lights for north and southbound stayed green for 3 1/2 minutes and the lights for east bound traffic would change to green for 20 seconds but the lights for westbound would not change, stayed red the whole time. causing traffic to turn right and do a U-turn in the middle of construction which is causing a hazard
  • Pothole Archived
    3122-3198 South 9200 West Magna, Utah - Magna
    There is a pothole about 1 foot in diameter in the southbound lane. It's approximately 3180 S 9200 W. You can't miss it.
    I'm new to this repair site so I hope I did this correct to get the problem fixed. Thanks
  • 11400 Mountain View Corridor Salty lake, Utah - West Valley City
    The light signal for East and West bound traffic on this intersection lasts for 1.5 to 2 minutes at times. This is not a through street and rarely has traffic in these directions
  • 7800 S Mountain View Corridor West Jordan, Utah - West Valley City
    Green light varies: lasts for only three seconds or 20 seconds on the eastbound/westbound 7800 S. depending on the time of day. There's usually not enough time to make it through both sets of lights.
  • 3100 S 5600 W West Valley CIty, Utah - West Valley City
    There needs to be a flashing left turn arrow (lets cars go thru when its safe to do so). There is a flashing left turn arrow in the Westbound left turn, but not in the Eastbound. The Eastbound usually has more cars and would benefit greatly from this. Thanks.
  • Sr 201 3200 W Salt Lake, Utah - Magna
    Somehow the signal has been changed for traffic coming off the 201 through the intersection to turn onto the frontage road or head south on 3200 W. Backed all the way back to the beginning of the freeway exit...a mess. Please change back to previous well working system. Thanks
  • 3100 S 5600 W West valley city/salt lake county, Utah - West Valley City
    It doesn't matter what time of day you have to sit and wait for 2 or 3 turn lights. And only 5 cars max get through the light. Please make this light longer!!!
  • Signage Archived
    2355 South 8000 West Magna, Utah - Magna
    Need to add or have more clear 35 mph signage on this road in both north and south directions. Constant speeding vehicles, especially large hauling vehicles that don't even need to use this road when the businesses are located and accessible via 7200 west. I am the only home on this street and would be appreciated if signs are strategically placed in way people would slow down and not speed pat my driveway and property. I am trying to avoid my family being hit as speeding traffic is not easily seen while pulling out.
  • Need Repair Archived
    8000 West 3900 South Magna, Utah - Magna
    Driving to work everyday there is a developing problem on this road adjacent to the railroad tracks, a hole is getting worse everyday, perhaps a little "road fill" would help. The tracks are very rough anyway and this hole makes it even worse. I am sure many people would appreciate it.
  • 3100 S. 5600 W. West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    5 cars got through the light and another one ran the red light. This is so bad- please PLEASE HELP! It's so frustrating to wait so long to get through this intersection!