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Public Works

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  • 2401-2661 Highway 111 Magna, Utah - Magna
    Line of cars not moving.
  • 7200 West Utah 201 Magna, Utah - West Valley City
    The traffic jcongestion created by this light east bound on Utah 201 @ 7200 West is unacceptable;
    it takes typically 3 cycles or more to get through since the green on time is way to short and the intervening red is way too long!
    U201 west of 5600 West needs to be made into a full fledged Freeway without any intersections and traffic lights asap!
  • 5867-5877 West 4100 South West Valley City, UT - West Valley City
    WB 4100 S at Mountain View Corridor
    Programmable signal heads for WB thru traffic at SB on-ramp location need to be adjusted. Drivers can't see that the light is green until they are too close to signal.
  • 3500–3538 S 5600 W West Valley City 84128, United States - West Valley City
    Timing of the signals is horrible. Has traffic backed miles to the north. Left turn arrow to go north let’s 2 cars through.
  • Potholes Archived
    7201-7213 Jefferson Road Magna, Utah - Magna
    Several potholes are starting to get larger and this intersection needs to be swept after repaired. This is my second report for this issue. My previous report apparently went unnoticed.
  • 8011 Ut-171 Magna, UT 84044, USA - Magna
    The northbound & southbound green light is too short. Only 1 car can get through. Ideally a left turn signal should be installed similar to east & west bound. There is no road construction present and this issue has been reported before.
  • Mountain View Corridor West Valley City, UT - West Valley City

    Name:: Nathan Nielsen
    City and State of Residence:: Lehi, UT
    Phone:: 801-837-0043
    (limited to 2000 characters) br>: I have some feedback regarding the Mountain View Corridor stop lighting system. Since this impacts several locations I thought I'd submit through this online contact form.

    In several Mountain View Corridor intersections such as 62nd south and the intersection just north of 134th south (can't remember the number and it's a new intersection), I have noticed that the north - south flow of traffic is stopped at a longer period of time than I think makes sense to allow only 3-4 cars coming onto Mountain View Corridor from the intersections mentioned above. It seems odd that 40-60 cars are left sitting while the light remains green for a longer than necessary period. When the light turns green for those at 62nd south there is usually only 1-2 cars sitting there and then during the long duration 1-2 more cars enter the intersection to join Mountain View Corridor.

    I drive Mountain View Corridor daily and it's been wonderful to have over the Bacchus Highway so appreciate all you've done to quickly make this highway available to us. Just hoping to see if some adjustments could be made to the light durations for those on Mountain View Corridor. Please conduct a study of the entire corridor and hope you'll be able to see what I am noticing. Thanks much! Nathan Nielsen

  • 8400 W 2700 S Magna, Utah - Magna
    The crosswalk signal crossing 8400 West/East on 2700 stays forever red-hand. My kids noticed this last week but I didn't go confirm it until Sunday. Hitting the button does nothing and it stays red hand for multiple cycles.
  • 7212 Jefferson Road Magna, Utah - Magna
    There are SEVERAL small potholes along this approach that are growing larger rather quickly. The area really needs to be swept as well.
  • 8309-8323 3500 S Magna, UT 84044, USA - Magna
    There is a big pothole or something EB 3500 South by the Wells Fargo / Wal-Mart neighborhood market that needs to be repaired
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    7201-7213 Jefferson Road Magna, Utah - Magna
    This area is notorious for potholes. A deep one has developed over the last few weeks.
  • 7978-7998 West 2400 South Magna, Utah - Magna
    protected left sensor(s) have been off since construction at this site. Inside left lane is not detected well or at all. Light cycle for protected left does seem to take longer as well when it is working, most notably during very late hours (11PM and latter). before it would cycle at approach. Takes several seconds to minutes now.