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  • 5579-5599 W 4100 S West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    Turn light was green for literally 5 seconds with both turn lanes backed up past their length. It probably took 4 or 5 cycles after arriving at a stop to turn left a couple of weeks ago. From a distance it looked the same last night.
  • W 2400 S & S 5600 W West Valley City, UT, 84120, USA - West Valley City
    With the new section of 2400S west of 5600W, the right turn to go north on 5600W backs up with big rigs. There needs to be a consistent right turn arrow each time to allow the large trucks to get through. As is, the right turn backs up past the gas station and smaller vehicles do unsafe things like using the straight lane to turn right on the left of big trucks turning right.
  • 4101-4139 5600 West West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    We were at the light for over 8 minuets. Every other light at the intersection was working but our stayed red. The cars in front of me almost ran the light. This was a definite safety hazard.
  • Pothole Archived
    5633 W 6200 S West Valley City, UT, 84118, USA - West Valley City
    several potholes on road between liquor store and Beans & Brew area. Also at Wendy's drive through there is a large pothole. Told the Wendy's manager about it since it had not been repaired in the past couple of months and was told the state handles it so I do not think they have reported it.
  • W 2400 S & S 8000 W Magna, UT, 84044, USA - Magna
    protected left west bound 201 not functioning at 80th west. Will cycle protected left east bound twice(virtually no traffic uses this), then cycle 80th west traffic, then will cycle west bound protected left.
  • Potholes Archived
    3971 South 7200 West West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    These a large pothole forming at the corner of 7200 West and 3980 South on the east side of 7200 West. Please fill it. Also just south on 3980 S another pothole is forming.
  • 5601-5633 West 4100 South West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    Left turn signal is too short, usually have to wait 2-3 cycles to get through this light during rush hour
  • 4061 5600 W West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    The morning rush with Mountain View Corridor open makes the east bound lanes and left turn lanes (4100 S eastbound to 5600 W northbound) back up for two to four light cycles.
  • 4700 S 5600 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84118, USA - West Valley City
    This stretch of 4700 South between Bangerter Hwy and 5600 West is one of the worst paved sections of roads in the West side of Salt Lake County. With USANA out here, this is a main thoroughfare and it needs repaving much worse than 4100 South or 5400 South. 4700 South hasn't been redone for at least 10 years. Potholes, the tracks, the striping is a mess.
  • 8165 Danbury Dr Magna 84044, United States - Magna
    Danbury Dr has potholes from 8400 W to Armoridge Dr. They are getting hard to avoid.
  • 5446-5550 3100 S West Valley City, UT 84120, USA - West Valley City
    lights are not allowing traffic going east/west sufficient time to cross 5600 west resulting in long delays.
  • 6393 Passenger Ct West Jordan, UT 84081, USA - Salt Lake County
    the traffic signal at 70th South and mountain view corridor need to be reworked or something. The timing is way off and if there are no east or west bound vehicles the North and southbound lights take forever to change