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Signal concerns (not on State maintained roads) Some street lights

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    8959 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    At this new intersection, when turning left (northbound) off of Wasatch with the green left arrow, the cars coming down off of Little Cottonwood Canyon Road also have a green light and are traveling very fast and not yielding to the cars with the left turn arrow. I have seen two near accidents where the individual with the green arrow had to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid being hit by a vehicle coming out of the canyon and did not yield to the cars with the arrow.
  • 8959 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    The new high-T intersection at Wasatch Blvd and Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd is dangerous and definitely not an improvement. I have seen several accidents already in the few months since it was completed and almost been hit by cars turning left onto Danish Rd across southbound traffic on Wasatch. Neither cars can see each other due to the dip in the road. The lack of a traffic light for northbound traffic from Little Cottonwood Canyon makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to get in and out of the Golden Hills neighborhood. This intersection should have been a roundabout, not the mess that has been created. What engineer designed this?
  • 4805-4841 13400 S Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    Light and mountain view corridor last like 10 seconds and it causes extreme traffic east and west bound in Herriman it needs to be fixed immediately inappropriate
  • 2201-3699 South 2290 West WEST VALLEY CITY, UT - West Valley City
    For the past two years this property has dealt with 2 car accidents damaging the property and fencing, one fire and constant dust and noise coming from the construction site on I-215 North and South Bound. Many tenants have put in complaints because of the dirt from construction going into the units as well as the shaking of the buildings while construction is going on through out the night. They understand road work is necessary, but constantly having to hear the construction and always inhaling the dust from them, tenants no longer feel comfortable. There is traffic 24/7, so the honking, screeching brakes from motorist and car accidents disturbs human activity and the quality of life for the residents. Some residents try to keep there windows shut throughout the day and can still hear the cars ride over every pot hole and bump on the freeway making it sound as someone is running over a dog. With the playground in the back of the property, residents do not feel that it is safe enough for their children to play, do to the 2 previous car accidents going into the play areas. Tenants do not want to spend their weekends in our barbecue and play areas because of the noise from the construction and the danger of the freeway being so close.
  • Mountain View Coordidor Salt Lake , Utah - West Valley City
    You need to do something out the corridor and the numerous accidents on it. Why are there not yellow flashing lights all the way down that show the light is turning from green to red, in West Jordan this makes a Huge difference. Why are there not green turn arrows on every direction of this street! This has become so deadly, what does it take for you to look at how this road is designed and fix it. YES drivers are a huge problem and I have emailed my city asking why they do not have a bigger police presence at rush hour but why did you choose to design a road that is very confusing to some and not take ALL precautions to ensure it was done right! I was hit and my car totaled on this road at 11800 and the Corridor, why do you not have cameras there so people cannot lie and cause more headache and issues! How many people have to die before money isn't the issue but people are?
  • 13400 South Mountian View Corridor Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    For two days there has been heavy congestion heading east on 13400 south prior to getting to Mountain view corridor during the morning commute. (7-8am) Once through that light everything clears up. It appears the timing is off. This is not a regular problem in this area.
  • 4751 13400 South Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    I think the traffic lights on the 134th south amd mountai view east and west appear to be having problems again. The traffic is backed up westbound at 6:45 PM today almost back to the holiday in Riverton. It doesnt seem reasonable, there would be that much traffic that close to 7:00 pm on a week day.
  • 8420 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    There are too many neighborhoods that egress through this area to have the speed limit be 50. This corner in particular is completely blind to the traffic exiting off of Kings Hill Dr and onto Wasatch Blvd. Now, because of the ridiculous new intersection just south of here, there is never a break in traffic and the egress from these neighborhoods has become extremely dangerous for the residents!
  • 9053 Kings Hill Place Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Salt Lake County
    The neighborhood should lobby for a decreased speed limit on Wasatch from the new traffic light north to the light at Bengal Blvd. A 30 mph limit is more suitable for the neighborhood and might encourage the through traffic to seek other routes north and south.
  • Mountain View Corridor Trail Riverton, UT, USA - Bluffdale
    The bike lanes on the corridor are covered with rock debris. There is a ton of construction right now and some street sweeping of the rocks would be helpful. It is a safety issue now as cars are flipping rocks at cyclists and vice versa.
  • 11723 Country Crossing Rd South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Dear UDOT,
    This has GOT TO STOP. Road work along Bangerter Hwy, between 12400 and 11800 South, from early evening till early early morning is making it nearly impossible for me to sleep. This has been going on, off and on, for a while now. The loud humming and sometimes high pitch humming, from the massive machines along the highway, doing whatever they are doing, is incredibly loud...for HOURS! And I'm a quarter mile away, I can only imagine how much worse it is for those right along the highway. Can't that machinery be used after rush hour traffic in the morning, especially now that it's cooling down? I can hardly take it anymore. I don't know how I'm going to survive the two years it's going to take you to re-do the intersection at 11400 So and Bangerter. No one is going to be sleeping at all. PLEASE find a different solution and let us sleep!!
  • Mountain View Corridor Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    Signals westbound straight and westbound turn to southbound MVC do not have sufficient time for demand traveling west. Traffic backs to farm buildings nearly every day and will only get worse with new commercial development.