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  • 2024 W Main St Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    The entire alley has tons of deep potholes and has eroded to the point where I can no longer get my car in to my driveway. Having a paved driveway was a selling feature of my house and now I can't even use it. You can see from the picture that the alley may have been paved at one point. My neighbor at 2028 West Main also has a paved driveway and told me that cars can't access his driveway either. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • 1254/1256 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Rug and garbage were dumped about two weeks ago. Couch joined the party a few days later. Should be removed as it is spilling into the driveway and is pretty unsanitary.
  • 2200 W Cary St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    five residences using one supercan, trash all over sidewalk routinely now collecting in a corner by residence. Gross.
  • 2016 W Cary Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The alley between Rowland and Meadow and between Main and Cary. The alley has a number of very large potholes and needs to at least be redone with gravel. I really think that the alley ultimately needs to be completely paved as there is a large amount of traffic through this alley.
  • 2216 Parkwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Many potholes needed to be filled in the alley way where trash cans are behind 2216 Parkwood Ave in the fan.
  • Potholes Archived
    Grace & Meadow Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Several potholes right in the intersection of Grace & Meadow pothole is major. Please fix. Thank you.
  • 2700 W. Main Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Christmas tree, large broken television and other miscellaneous trash located beside the house. Please send truck to pick it up.
  • Potholes Archived
    Ramp From Canal Onto Downtown Expressway Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Potholes on the entrance ramp to the Downtown Expressway off Canal at 7th.
  • Potholes Archived
    25 N Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Expansive pot hole in alley behind 25 N Boulevard!! many reports have been placed by myself and my neighbors.
  • pothole Archived
    2110 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    from north rowland st to north shield there are potholes in the alley that need to be repaired
  • 7 N Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a massive pile of trash behind 7 N Boulevard that is so large it resembles a small landfill!
  • 2216 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There are horrible potholes in the alley behind the 2200 block of Parkwood Ave. They were fixed sometime in June, but unfortunately they are back. They are consecutive potholes that causes cars to bounce up and down and they are very hard to avoid. There is also construction work going on in the area which doesn't help either.