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  • 2024 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Large pile of tree debris
  • Other Archived
    2016 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Trash collecting and overflowing visibly on front porch.
  • 1250 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Neighbors moved out yesterday and kindly placed their old chairs and beer pong table in the alley behind 1250 Parkwood. Overflowing into parking spaces.
  • 108 North Morris Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Rat infested garbage on sidewalk for at least a week!
  • 17 S Morris Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    This is actually across the street but there are no numbers to record. The actual parcel seems to be W0000448001.
  • 2601 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Caller states there's a small sofa that needs to be picked up located in the alley of this address.
  • 219 N.Boulevard Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Citizen states there is furniture in the alley behind this property that needs to be removed.
  • Potholes Archived
    2310 W Main St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    caller states there are a lot of pot holes in alley need to be fixed
  • Alley repair Archived
    2607 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a long stretch of potholes in the alley behind the buildings on 2600 block of Hanover Ave. The major problems are located at the alley entrance from Robinson street. The alley is impassible for cars with low clearance.
  • 2517 Floyd Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    potholes were reported several months ago,paving is badly needed, the city tried patching, GUESS WHat It is back to the same condition, is doing a bad job several times COST EFFECTIVE
  • 2210 Addishiecarypark-D Alley Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Since purchasing our home in 2011 the maintenance of the alley seems to be declining. The potholes are huge, especially between Shields and Addison. What can be done to improve this maintenance?
  • 200 Strawberry Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    We are missing 5 super cans from the alley behind 2300 Grove Avenue. There were 8 super cans in the alley that 8 houses use. Several of them had broken wheels or broken tops. They were removed but we need to have 5 new replacements please as the 3 current super cans do not handle the trash of these 8 houses. Thanks