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  • Potholes Archived
    2300 Parkwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
  • 2028 W Main St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    plywood on sidewalk
  • 2607 W. Cary St. Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The potholes behind 2607 W. Cary St. have gotten very bad since I elevated my parking space this past year. The water used to flood my building but now it sits right behind my building. The standing water along with increased traffic for Ufab parking and deliveries for Bohland & Graham and Acacia restaurant have the alley in really bad shape. Last year you filled the holes with gravel but at this point it needs graded and paved to accommodate the increased traffic and to allow the water to flow all the way down the alley.
  • Other Archived
    106 North Morris Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Uncanned trash piled up in alley. Rat magnet.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    1721 W Main St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    There are several potholes in alley need repair and there is a huge hole in alley by Vine St
  • 2024 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Large pile of tree limbs and debris. Will move as close as possible to the alley right of way
  • Alley Repair Archived
    2020 W Cary Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There is a large series of potholes in the alley between Main,Cary,Meadow and Rowland. This issue was reported over four months ago and has not been addressed. These potholes make it very difficult for many people to access their homes.
  • TRASH Archived
    1634 Mounment Ave RICHMOND, VA - The Fan
  • 2221 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Tenants dump
  • 316 N Harrison Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Someone from the City of Richmond or VCU needs to empty the trash barrel at the western side of Harrison and the southern side of West Ave on a regular basis or remove it.
  • 2026 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    In tenants driveway. Has been here for months
  • 104 N. Harvey Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Residents of the "Avalon" have dumped old furniture in the alley making it almost impassable. The trash cans are also not accessible due to the blockage. This is a continuous problem with this apartment building and residents.