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  • 6706 Ward Rd ARVADA, CO, COLORADO - Arvada
    no light at this corner is a big problem. a lot of problems at this corner at night and darkness only makes it worse. Please replace this lamp.
  • 7703 W 55th Ave Arvada co 80002 - Arvada
    This is a residential stretch of road, between Allison and Olde Wadsworth on 55th Ave, which is also long and straight with no speed breaks. Vehicles tend to reach high speeds, while there is still a lot of pedestrian traffic crossing the road for parking, mail service, and to reach apt. Offices.
  • 5898 Quail St Arvada, CO - Arvada
    On the southeast corner of 59th Avenue and Quail Street the street light is out. It flickered on and off and finally went out completely one week ago.
  • 10782-10850 W 80th Ave Arvada, CO 80005, USA - Arvada
    Please add more bike lanes to this road.
  • 7910 Ralston Road Arvada, CO - Arvada
    The law firm that the Mayor works for owns this property so the trees are allowed to hang low over the sidewalk in violation of city code, and nothing is done. This issue has been reported time and again, all to no avail. They just say, "We'll forward this to the City Manager," and ignore it.
  • 8059-8073 N Sheridan Blvd Westminster, CO 80031, USA - Arvada
    As serious transportation, bicycles must use the same roads cars use. Sheridan is a natural north south corridor in Westminster but has no lanes for cycles, has high speed traffic. Sidewalks are bad places for bikes (driveways, right turners, erupted slabs, curbs, blind entries) but once in a while serve to escape the traffic. Not on Sheridan where the sidewalk is littered with debris and disrepair.
  • 5905 Lamar Street Arvada, Colorado - Arvada
    The turning light on Ralston and Lamar is not working for the last couple of months. It goes right to the green light going straight.
  • 5855-5899 Independence Street Arvada, Colorado - Arvada

    At the location noted, there is a stoplight to allow people to exit and enter the shopping centers on either side of the Independence. On the southbound side, there is a "Left Only" turn lane complete with its own turn signal that is meant to be used by people to enter the shopping center on the east side of the road. Instead, what is happening many times is people in that turn lane are going straight through the light into the next left turn lane at Ralston Road.

    This is a violation of Uniform Traffic Code, and it creates the dangerous situation where people in the correct lane who use the lane correctly, and then move over into the next left turn lane after the light are being confronted, and having to avoid these other people who do not know the law. Officers need to be aware of, and on the lookout for these violations before a serious accident occures.

  • Street lite Archived
    Corner Of 67 Ave And Welch Arvada, CO - Arvada
    Lite comes on and off every few minutes
  • 9966 W 85th Ave Arvada, CO - Arvada
    Street light at corner of Independence and 85th Ave starts to light and then turns off, continuously
  • 7514 Grandview Avenue Arvada, CO - Arvada

    Patrons at this establishment routinely violate the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act by smoking directly in front of the doors of business when they could easily be in compliance with the law by walking around the corner. They also violate Arvada City Code in regard to this matter, and in regard to littering when they leave their butts all over the sidewalk.

    This has been reported to the Arvada Police numerous times, and the city does nothing. The Police and the city do not seem to understand how secondhand smoke endangers the lives of citizens, especially the young, and the infirm. There's an ice cream parlor/candy shop right across the street.

  • 81st And Kipling To Hoyt Arvada, Colorado - Arvada
    Graffiti is on dry creek trail underpass at ~81st and Kipling. There is also graffiti on the underpass near the creek under pass at ~81st and Hoyt. Additional graffiti ~3 blocks west of Kipling visible from trail (by locks that control water flow).
    Reported from my mobile device