HBID Ambassador Program

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HBID Ambassador Program
(Downtown District)
Cleaning and Security Ambassadors

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  • 7-35 Prospect St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
  • Trumbull And Asylum Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Lots of un-used space here. This is a perfect example where the curb could be extended to tighten turning radius and reduce vehicle speed when entering the intersection. This would cause drivers to pay closer attention to pedestrians, and cross the crosswalk at a right angle, increasing pedestrian safety.

    Great place for a tactical urbanist project that adds paint and flexposts as a temporary measure to achieve the same effect, before budget can be found to make it permanent.

  • Gold St & Main St Hartford, CT, 06103, USA - Downtown
    This sinking area is where the fast track and express buses stop in front of travelers.
  • 52 Pratt St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Traffic light damage
  • TrafficLights Archived
    There are 4 consequetive traffic lights that are not sequenced, requires stopping at every intersection.
  • 1006-1032 Main St Hartford 06103, United States - Downtown
    There is a room-sized void below this hole- a vehicle driving on this spot could cause a substantial collapse.