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  • 30-54 Prescott St Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    Parked cars and unplowed streets make this street one lane when it is two-way.
  • The whole street is a mess and like playing russian roulette
  • There's a couple of clunkers just as you enter Independence Drive heading towards the VFW from the rotary at Putterham Circe
  • 192 Mason Ter Brookline 02446, United States - Brookline
    Somebody dig a ditch and filled with too much asphalt. Need to flatten this “speed bump.”
  • 140 Kent Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    The traffic light at the intersection of Kent and Aspinwall has poor timing in the evening. It seems backwards and counter to the traffic. Going South on Kent, approaching from Parsons Field, there is often a multi-cycle wait to get through the intersection. The cars coming north have an extended light, but there usually aren’t many of them at that time, leading to a period when cars are waiting on three sides but no one can move while the light is green for the side with no cars. The timing is the opposite in the morning, but doesn’t cause as long of a wait.
  • Corner Of Harvard And School - Brookline
    Minsok restaurant at the corner of Harvard and School has been closed for months. The sidewalks surrounding the restaurant seem to be seldomly cleaned or plowed this winter. Should not the owners of the building/mortgage be held responsible? or at least reminded of their civic duty. thanks
  • 188-298 Wolcott Rd Brookline, MA 02467, USA - Brookline
    Multiple potholes along this street onto Shaw Road. Thank you
  • graffiti Archived
    1801 Beacon St Brookline, MA 02445, USA - Brookline
    graffiti on bldg of 1801 block at driveway entrance to waldstein playground.