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  • 849 Newton Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    Intersection is poorly designed and dangerous. Traffic going towards W Roxbury Pkwy IS two laned and one lane has a stop sign, but it is not clear if that sign applies to one lane or both. Countless cars go through the intersection incorrectly daily and it causes terrible traffic during peak hours. Their are no visible lanes on the side going toward the traffic circle.
  • 11 Prince St. Brookline, MA - Brookline
    I can help shovel.
  • 88 Cottage Street Brookline Ma 02445 - Brookline
    There are multiple deep potholes next to 88 Cottage Street Brookline causing a danger to cyclists and causing cars to lose control of steering.
  • 95 Stedman Street Brookline, MA - Brookline
    Street light out in front of 95 Stedman Street driveway. Very dark coming home at night. Halloween is next week and the children need to be able to see where they are going when it gets dark.
  • Brookline MA 02446, USA - exact address unknown - see street coordinates in DESCRIPTION box above - Brookline
    Series of major potholes on Mountfort ST between Carlton Street 7 park Drive
  • Carlton Street As Crosses Mass Turnpike - Outbound Side Toward Commonwealth Avenue - Brookline
  • Pothole Archived
    255 St Paul Street Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline
    pothole needs filling
  • Beaconsfield Rd Brookline, MA - Brookline
    There are a large number of potholes that need to be repaired on beaconsfield road
  • 55 Winchester Street Brookline, MA 02446, USA - Brookline
    There is a pretty deep depression in the road just before the elevated crosswalk on Winchester Street. It would be helpful if it were filled in.
  • Big pothole, per's request.
  • 21 Winthrop Rd Brookline, MA - Brookline
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 888 Commonwealth Ave Brookline, MA 02215, USA - Brookline
    The crossing lights are totally unresponsive meaning people constantly ignore them - at a dangerous crossing.