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Lower Highlands

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  • 40 Waugh Street And 42 44, 46 Waugh Stret, Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    There is an increased amount of trash and debris around both of these properties as well as an abundance of cars which park blocking the sidewalk for passage. This is going to be a major concern once the snow arrives. Also why is the owner of 44-46 who is an absentee landlord not required to post on the building the contact information for the owner or the property manager? Tonight they are now out there doing construction work which I thought had limited hours in residential neighbrohoods?? Where is the city's support on these issues??
  • 2-78 S Loring St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The owners finally removed the dumpster after 4 months, only to leave this mess visible from the street. Will this house ever be cleaned up or do all the neighbors have to deal with this forever? The owner has been cited numerous times.
  • 987 Middlesex St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Please know that I have recently submitted yet another notice to the City and the City Councilors regarding cars, illegal driveways, cementing over grass, entire front yards disappearing, devaluing property and neighboring property, and taking what used to be public parking along the street for the owner's, or tenant's, own personal use. I'm specifically referring to 983-985 Middlesex St. and 990 Middlesex St. I have read other postings on this site regarding this same issue in other areas of our City. Please keep up the good work, and keep sending until someone does his or her job! Your efforts are appreciated!
  • 37 Manufacturers St Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    Any reason why the RMV sign has not been removed. They have been out of this location for almost two years. Being from this neighborhood, I always see people stilll trying to open the front door and walking away very unhappy. I think that it's about time to remove this sign.
  • Dover Square Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    Not fully blocking, but an obstruction for wheelchairs and strollers
  • 23-37 Manufacturers St Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    Large amounts of trash are being put out on Manufactures St by the people at 21 Todd Ave. What gives? This trash is a lot of oversized furniture etc. This is not a city trash pickup site for the city. It's looks like they are discarding on Manufactures St. It started last week.
  • 231 Chelmsford Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    fallin wall, litter and over growth ,trip hazards on sidewalk
  • 45 Princetonblvd Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    There used to be no parking on one side of that street, slowly signs have gone missing. You can only fit one car down that street.
    Between Canton St and Stevens St
  • 62 Pine Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    every week the garbage and trash are not put out for collection but instead allowed to overflow. saw a rat run across the street.
    not sure if this is the correct number Pine st but you'll see it driving up the street
  • Liberty Street Lowell, MA - Lowell
    The snow never removed from this side walk right on lot#3590-296 and lot#6140-5. This lots just located right near the school zone. There are many kids who walk to school daily on this side walk. Its posted very dangerous to kids due to unable to access to this side walk, and forced them to walk on the street instead.
    The question is, who should responsible to remove this snow out of the side walk.
  • 160 Western Avenue Lowell, MA - Lowell

    Our neighbors across the street are constantly blocking access to our parking lot, sometimes it is just them parking cars so close to the driveway that getting out of the lot is difficult, this morning there was a truck parked across the entire driveway. Some days they have multiple vehicles double parked and the street is reduced to one, very tight lane. And getting in and out of the parking lot can be very difficult.

    How do we get them to respect the entrance to the parking lot? We've asked, we've begged . . . and it still continues!

  • Parking Archived
    Canton St. Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Turning from Princeton Blvd onto Canton St. or Canton onto Princeton Blvdl is very hard at times with vehicles parked right at the corners. Can this be looked at to have a no parking from here to corner sign and put to about 15 from corner so it is safe to turn. With cars parked on both sides of the street it makes it a one lane road and people fly up the street. It is only a matter of time before there is an accident here.