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  • State Highway 121 Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Kenny
    This problem has been going on for some time. It has been reported fixed, but it is still badly timed. Cars heading north and south have a 15 second green light. Cars on 58th street heading east/west have close to 1:20 seconds green light. Cars turning left from north south have over a 1 minute green light.
    Due to this traffic is starting to detour through neighborhood side streets instead of using county 121.
  • 5739 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Windom
    In Richfield, Lyndale is clearly marked as two lanes each way. Coming North into MPLS the lane lines disappear, and at 58th is definitely a one-lane one-way going North. Drivers cannot tell where the two lanes become one, so they blare their horns at each other in front of my home. I suggest clear lane markings fom Crosstown to 59th and Right-turn-only in the supposed right lane beginning at 59th until 58th.
  • 901-999 W 46th St Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Lynnhurst
    call betsy hodges and mayor rybak - road is in such bad shape it should be avoided - suspension and muffler at risk
  • 6128-6132 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Armatage
    Terrible stretch of road. Southbound traffic has two blocks of non-stop potholes, from 60th St to Crosstown.
  • 6001-6099 S Lyndale Ave Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Windom
    Bumpy road past Bachmans up Lyndale - watch out!
  • 4346-4398 Upton Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Linden Hills
    Go spelunking in this beautiful, spacious pothole. Choose either the main pothole or other, smaller, satellite potholes. Springtime fun for everyone.
  • War Zone Archived
    6004 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Armatage
    Penn Ave from 56th to Crosstown looks like it's been bombed. One pothole near 60th Street did $530 damage to my car.
  • 701-717 W 49th St Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Fuller Tangletown
  • 4349-4399 Upton Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Linden Hills
    large potholes all along upton between 44th and 42nd
  • 801-899 W 46th St Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Lynnhurst
    lost my muffler here - call mayor rybak and council woman betsy hodges - try to avoid 46th west of lyndale to lake harriet
  • 2214 W 54th St Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Armatage
    Street has been horrible for decades going back to the 70s. It needs to be completely replaced. Already it is tops on my list of "avoids" for winter 2011. Continuous craters abound, and do not drive it in the dark!
  • 4353 Upton Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55410, USA - Linden Hills
    Hole is actually on Upton Av S, slightly north of the W 44 St intersection, on the west side of Upton. It is truly one of the widest and worst potholes I have seen - no way to straddle it with a car.