West Haven - 5th District Council -Christopher Suggs

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Fifth Disctrict
Christoper Suggs
152 Terrace Ave.
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-933-3761

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  • Carlson Rd. Orange, CT - Orange
    litter and some signs of illegal dumping on both sides of carlson rd.this eyesore really has to be cleaned up ........
  • Campbell Ave Between Richards St And Terrace Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The dips and bumps from repair and previously fixed pot holes is atrocious. As a main road to the VA Hospital and University of New Haven the appearance is a disgrace. This stretch of road should be scraped and repaved appropriately.
  • Rockview St - West Haven
    Cars/trucks trying to avoid the mess of the intersection of Rte 1/Campbell Ave/Forest Rd are speeding though this neighborhood. There are people walking on the side of the street (no sidewalk) as well as kids waiting for their buses. Blind drives and streets just add to the danger. Just this morning I was almost hit by someone careening down the hill as I was trying to pull out of Lydia St. I think speed bumps or more stop signs are needed in this area.
  • 588 Derby Ave West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    There are 2 sacred Indian burial grounds here. Also, this is our only open tract of land left in W.H. We do not need anymore industrial space or housing. We have enough already, and our taxes are already high enough without a further drain on our services.
  • 1146 Campbell Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The bus shelter here was crushed by a car.
  • Leafy tree Archived
    Corner Terrace Avenue And Campbell Ave - West Haven
    Leaves on tree trunk block ability to see traffic coming down Campbell Avenue.
  • Campbell Ave And Ruden St. West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Drivers taking the right on red from Ruden St. to Campbell Ave ignore the Walk signal (or don't even bother to stop). More than once I have almost been hit as someone comes speeding around the corner while I am crossing in the crosswalk while the Walk signal is on.
  • 69 Swampscott Street west haven, ct - West Haven
    Large pot hole the width of the street needs to be repaired. It's unavoidable for anyone driving down the street. Corner of Swampscott and Nonquit Streets in West Haven
  • 60 Maltby Ave. West Haven ct. - West Haven
    Speeding is a big problem. Have been reporting it for years, to no avail.
  • Campbell Ave & Terrace Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Blocked rain drain sewers,compacted leafs,debris
  • Major Pothole Archived
    Orange Avee West Haven, CT - West Haven
    There is a major pothole on Orange Ave. going from New Haven towards West Haven. It looks like a death trap. It needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Ella T Grass Blvd And Boston Post Rd New Haven, CT - West River
    Bicycling along Marginal Drive is a great way to enjoy the West River Memorial Park, but it is practically impossible to get there from the south. A bike path connecting Marginal Dr to the Davenport Ave Bike Route would solve this problem. The land is already publicly owned. The difficult thing will just be to find space on the bridge over the West River. The sidewalk might be wide enough to support two-way bicycle traffic, but I’m not sure.