West Haven - 5th District Council -Christopher Suggs

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Fifth Disctrict
Christoper Suggs
152 Terrace Ave.
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-933-3761

Notified About

  • 136 Taft Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    brown brindle pitbull
    2 1/2 yrs old
    about 65lbs
    short,stocky bighead very friendly
  • NO MEDICAL Archived
    Taft Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    brown brindle pitbull
    2 1/2 yrs old
    about 65lbs
    short,stocky bighead very friendly
  • Jaffrey St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    the hill is very slippery. cars are sliding down the hill. street not plowed all day
  • 296 Bull Hill Ln Orange, CT 06516 - Orange
    amber light lasts only 1.5 seconds, not enough time to stop safely. had problem yesterday at corner of 1/142, in front of munson's. had to go thru light, as amber light did not give me enough time to stop car!
  • 80 Baggott Street West Haven CT 06516 - West Haven
    This abandoned construction property has high grass which breeds mice and rebar sticking out of a foundation in a neighborhood filled with kids. Also, there are useless concrete Jersey barriers all over the place, just to make it hard for the people that live here to turn around.
  • Cellini Pl West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Why does the police let all thease drunks hang out on the green?
  • 113 Boston Post Rd West Haven ct 06516 - West Haven
    Truck drivers are recklessly taking over the highways. They make it unsafe for people to merge into the lanes while getting on the highways. Something needs to be done or a whole lot of people will get hurt behind the foolishness.
  • Bull Hill Lane And Carlson Road West Haven, CT - Orange
    One of the traffic lights at this complex intersection of roads and parking lots has a burned out green signal. Just in front of Kohl's, for drivers headed southeast on Bull Run Lane.
  • 1-15 Ruden Place West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Trash is strewn all over lawns and all the way down to the corner.
    Disgusting mess.Someone claims to have sen a dark blue or black pick-up in the immediate vicinity at the time,maybe a partial CS 4363 license plate
  • 31-199 Farwell St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Driveway at post office meets farwell st off by 3-4 inches.
  • Pothole Archived
    Edna Street And Terrace Avenue West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Large pothole in the street
  • 26-28 Groton St West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Pavement is disintegrating adjacent to business parking lot; rough edge has introduced stress and has fractured the road surface. By end of summer 2013, I predict the roadway will be severely impacted by potholes & unsafe conditions for the children riding bicycles in the neighborhood. A better transition from paved road to unpaved lot would prevent this from causing further damage.