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  • 127 Greyrock Place - Downtown
    poorly maintained sidewalk and no retail frontage kills the urban environment .
  • 223-227 Washington Boulevard Stamford, Connecticut 06902, USA - South End
    Several cars parked in bike lane at corner of Pulaski and Washington Blvd. This occurs regularly---no enforcement in the area.
  • Corner Of Greyrock Place And Forest Street Stamford, CT - Downtown
    The sign for the condo at the SW corner blocks the view of oncoming traffic from Bedford Street. This is hazardous to people going North on Greyrock. It should never have been put there in the first place.
  • 222 Washington Blvd Stamford, Connecticut - South End

    This location of Washington Blvd directly south of Pulaski Street has cars parked on the west side of the road. Not only do these cars obscure the site vision of an active driveway (which recently had a t-bone crash only a couple of months ago) but they force cars driving south on Washington to cross the double yellow line (because there is less than 10' of space on the south side of the road). Additionally, these cars block the bike lane for people biking home from the train station.

    I recommend that parking be removed from this area (as residents already have driveways) or the road be re-striped appropriately so that both cars and bikers have adequate space.

  • 150 Broad Street Stamford, CT - Downtown
    There is fenced-in land on the corner of Greyrock and Broad. The fence lines a pedestrian sidewalk. In many places along the sidewalk the rusted fence wire juts out and can easily jag an unsuspecting pedestrian. It's truly dangerous for kids running by. The fence is dilapidated, twisted in some areas and needs replaced.
  • 1-31 Van Buren Cir Stamford, CT 06906, USA - Glenbrook
    Anyone know if there's plans for these empty store fronts?
  • 892 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06902, USA - Glenbrook
    I'm hearing a lot of F bombs dropped on this train which has younger children on it. Not to be the culture police, but it'd be a nice ad campaign to create a culture of civility.
  • Long Ridge Road stamford, ct - North Stamford
    no verizon service
  • Corner Of Morgan St. And Strawberry Hill Ct. Stamford, CT - Turn Of River
    On the northeast corner of Morgan St. and Strawberry Hill Ct., if you are waiting at the stop sign on Morgan to make a left turn, there are bushes that obstruct the view of traffic coming from the right. Cars come flying down the hill on Strawberry Hill Ct all the time doing 40 mph or more. Cars on Morgan St. have to pull way up beyond the stop line, nearly into the intersection in order to get a good view of traffic coming from the right. The bushes need to be cut down, or a stop sign should be put up at the bottom of Strawberry Hill Ct.
  • Forest At Bedford Stamford, CT - Downtown
    The setting for the red light at Forest for drivers to turn on to Bedford is too long - it's 75 seconds, and when it turns green it's only 30 seconds. This leads to traffic buildups in the morning rush hour - it sometimes takes almost 5 minutes to get through. It's not necessary, as the traffic is not that heavy on Bedford.
  • Main St And Washington Boulevard Stamford, Ct - Downtown
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 25 Bedford St. Stamford, CT - Downtown
    Youths disturb the peace by spouting hate speech and screaming guttural sounds. Move them because they can not have business here.