Historic Old Northeast

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    Corner Of Coffe Pot Blvd. And North Shore Dr. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Net fishermen leaving oyster shells, dead fish and seaweed all over the sidewalk. Stretching nets across and often blocking the sidewalk. There have been several confrontations with walkers, cyclists and joggers.
  • 345 11th Avenue Northeast Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Refrigerator stored on porch.
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    335 10th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    House itself is falling apart, rodents have been seen. Property is not being maintained
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    1071-1099 4th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Uptown
    I live on 2nd St No and 11th Ave. There is a median which I pull into to turn onto 11th when headed south. With all the new stores opening up along 4th, the median becomes very congested at times. Is there a possibility of making 9th Ave No between 3rd and 4th St two way so that people could safely turn left at 9th and 4th St.?
  • 1200 4th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    There are homeless people using the patio at the former China Inn as a place to sleep. Clothing, sleeping bags, etc and junk all over. Please have someone help these individuals get proper sheltet. Thank You!
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    1600-1698 Bay St Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Requesting stop sign on Bay Street at the intersection of 16th Ave NE. Cars speed down Bay Street because it’s smooth and now brick streets. There are many children, pets and elderly people who walk on 16th Ave and Bay Street.
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    North Ward School 11th Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, United States of America - Historic Old Northeast
    Requesting parking permits or restricted street parking for those visiting the businesses on 4th St N and 11th Ave N. The Mexican restaurant Grand Hacienda is bringing parking concerns to the neighborhood. There is not enough parking for residents and other businesses in the area that previously did not have any issues.
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    555 5th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    There is a bicycle on the front tree lawn that has been locked to a water pipe for months and should be removed. The building itself is in disrepair with rotted facia boards, open windows with no screens and the front lawn is trashed and not maintained. Can this building possibly be in housing violation for its state of disrepair? Can the City remove the abandoned bicycle?
  • 1120 N Shore Dr St. Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    The Gizelle Kopsick Palm Arbaretum Expansion was begun about 8 months ago. Work was to be completed in May of 2014. Nothing has been done on the project in the past few months. The area looks worse now than before this project commenced. It has turned into an eye sore for area residents and guests. When is this project going to be completed?
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    172 27th Ave No. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    I do not wish to participate in your recycling program! Not allowing me to opt-out is nothing more than a tax levied by the city of Saint Petersburg! Give me the right to refuse this program -
    Jim Flatter
    727 543-3128
  • 2020 Oak St Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    Constantly water on the South side of the street on 21st ave NE between Locust and Oak. Believe it is being pumped from 2020 Oak St NE. There is water even when there is no rain and other streets are dry. Possible drain issue. Mosquito attractor also.
  • 168 26th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    big sinking hole formed in our back alley in recent 2 weeks. hole is approximately 2 feet by 2 feet and several inches deep. also blacktop is sinking in around it so looks like problem is escalating.
    dangerous for cars and pedestrians.