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  • 1363-1399 North Broadway Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    Commuting anywhere from North to South or vis versa, is almost impossible without crossing this bridge. The trails on either side just stop and turn into unkept sidewalks that are impossible to cross two at a time.
  • 1924 6th Street Southwest Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
    Road was washed out over 1 month ago due to broken water main. Erosion is continuing to make the roadway even more dangerous. There are no safety cones or barriers to warn drivers of the danger.
  • 2102 Ponderosa Dr Sw Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    RPU came after water was shooting up from crack in street in front of our house. They said storm sewer joint bad. Crack has grown, when it melts water comes up out of crack with sand, pavement moves up and down in area with just person weight, can and buses the street moves and shoots water out of crack. A hole is developing under street, concerned about safety. With more melting and any rain this could be a real big problem. Gets worse daily when water in storm sewer from up the hill from us is heavy.. Water gets on street all over and with cold days or nights and is damaging other parts of pavement from the crack to 18th Ave SW intersection. Concerned about street sinking at crack area. Has been two weeks since this started.
  • 9th Ave & 20th St Se Rochester, MN - Rochester
    When a car is sitting on 9th Ave SE facing Ben Franklin it is REALLY difficult to see cars coming from the right (from 11th AVE SE) due to a huge mound of snow on the corner near the bike path. Anyway that this snow mound could be made smaller that way cars sitting on 9th AVE can see the cars coming down 20th. Seems like it's an accident waiting to happen since you can't see the cars coming.
  • County 22 And Valleyhigth Drive Intersection Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    The left turn signal to turn onto Valleyhigh Rd from Cty 22 skips numerous cycles and when it comes on only lets 2 cars through. I waited 8 stoplight cycles this AM and then had to just go through the red turn signal--there was quite a backup of cars there. This needs to be fixed and in general this stoplight seems like it could be timed much better. Could the turn signal stay yellow allowing turns during the cty 22 green light? Also, there is very little traffic coming from Valleyhigh to Cty 22 and it seems the green there could be shortened. Thanks.
  • Trail Along 55th St Nw In Front Of New Development Area For Walgreens Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    We were walking on the path/trail between the church and the new Chateau Rd where the new development is. It had rained yesterday and since there are sadly no more trees or grass in the fields and they slope toward the trail, we suddenly were sunk in couple inches of mud. My friend had a pretty major fall (fortunately just bruised) , our shoes were caked with mud and we had to go walk up by the street to get through. I think they will need to put up some kind of barrier to block the mud from flowing to the sidewalk.
  • Broadway & 4th St Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    At the SW corner of the intersection of Broadway & 4th St SW, the pedestrian "walk" signal button is broken off and hanging by its wires. Looks like someone or something hit it pretty hard and broke the plastic housing that attached the button to the metal pole.
  • 2000 Block North Broadway Rochester, MN - Rochester
    The Bike Path in front of O Reilly Auto Parts is not plowed. There is a big mound of snow so someone is in an motorized wheelchair or even someone pushing a stroller cannot walk on the bike path. The other part of the bike path is plowed except for this part. Please pass this along for them to plow it ASAP there is a main bus stop not far from this bike path and like I said it's hard to access if you are in a motorized wheelchair or have a child in a stroller.
  • Chateau Road Northwest Rochester, MN 55901, USA - Rochester
    The traffic markings coming into this shopping center from circle drive are contradictory. The first set, immediately after exiting the intersection shows the #2 lane can either go straight or turn right. A few dozen feet later, that lane, now #3, can only turn right.
  • 4401 55th St Nw Rochester, MN 55901, USA - Rochester
    Solar powered flashes on stop signs not flashing.
  • Street light Archived
    713 Brandon Ln Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    Several street lights on the Brandon Ln are off. Please fix them. Thanks!
  • Pothole Archived
    1722 Juniper Lane Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    There is a rather large pothole on the corner of Juniper and Birchwood. It has been there for several months.