Town of Southington

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  • 167-185 W Center St Southington, CT 06489, USA - Southington
    road filled w pot holes due to water lines
  • 446 West St Southington, CT 06489, USA - Southington
    Needs repaving!
  • Intersection Of Hobart & 10 Southington, CT - Southington
    A left turn arrow to turn onto Hobart Street from Route 10 is needed. When it's extremely busy I've sat at that light for 2 cycles waiting to turn on to Hobart Street. Most of the time I say the heck with it, continue down 10 and turn around either at the Library or Walgreens and the go back up 10 and make the right onto Hobart.
  • 797-845 West St Southington, CT 06489, USA - Southington
    At the intersection of West St. and Hart Street there should be a left arrow to turn onto Hart St. (during peak hours especially). Traffic very heavy and travelling fast coming from Plantsville direction.
  • 167 N. Main Street Southington, CT - Southington
    Two dogs that look very malnourished and not taken care of infront of the house most mornings before work. One is black and white, the other brown and black. Help these dogs out and give a call when you see them out.
  • 1078 Andrews St CT 06489 - Southington
    Are there drug dealers on Reservoir Ridge Drive?
  • Pleasnt And Berlin Southington, CT 06489, USA - Southington
    The tree where the sign is on the corner of Berlin and Pleasnt has over grown and hangs down so you cannot read the sign. Needs to be trimmed.
  • 5 Curtis St CT 06489 - Southington
    Sensors require sensitivity adjustment for Left arrow from N Main onto Curtiss St. Small cars/motorcycles are forced to sit through several traffic cycles until a larger vehicle crosses the sensors. Otherwise, left arrow never appears.
  • RACETRACK Archived
    1273-1387 West St Southington, CT 06489, USA - Southington
    This section of West St is basically a dragstrip. The speed limit is 40mph. 60 is average. Many cars go 70+. Something needs to be done. Also, when is the town/state going to clean up all of the garbage along this stretch of road?
  • Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike Southington, CT - Southington
    The area I am concerned with is the area off of 691 East at Exit 4 near the stop sign. It is hard to tell if the cars coming from the left are going to turn or go straight. (They are traveling on Meriden-Waterbury Tpke). It's confusing since there are no white lines or traffic signs to tell those cars what to do or which lane is which. There are two lanes coming from the left but once you pass a right hand turn (on/off ramp to 691 and another immediate turn (Craig Ave), it suddenly goes to one lane. No warning at all on the lane merge. Dangerous. I've seen many near misses. If the guy in the left lane thinks the guy on the right lane is turning right, the danger happens when that person really goes straight. What if both lanes decided to go straight. Please look into this before someone actually gets hurt or killed.
  • Pleasant St. - Southington
    the intersection of route 10 & flanders needs to be re-paved. it's like a washboard especially when you're on a motorcycle.
  • Old Turnpike Rd. Southington, CT - Southington
    There is a real issue of speeding on Old Turnpike Rd. I live on the street and see it all the time. People fly down it with no regard for children, animals, or people crossing the street. Something needs to be done.