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  • 125 Battery St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric

    Cross walk goes 'walk' at the same time west-east traffic light goes 'green'. Tons of pedestrians try to cross and only one or two cars make it out of College street. Takes many light cycles to move cars, plus pedestrians are frustrated because cars are trying to get through.

    Easy solution for this intersection: have all lights go RED once every few minutes and have all crosswalks go 'walk' for 20-30 seconds. Then back to cars. Rinse, repeat.. Everyone is happy.

    Public works please take action!

  • Island Line Trail Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Yet another needless bike path closure the kind of which the realignment was meant to prevent...
  • Curtis Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    How does someone go about having DPW inspect sidewalks and try to get sidewalk repairs added to the City's schedule?
  • 314 Pine St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Below grade drain gate takes up most of the bike lane and is a spill hazard. Please smooth this out so it poses less risk.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    32-34 South Union St. Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The sidewalk outside of the house is cracked/caved in.
  • Ethan Allen Homestead Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The wooden arch bridge spanning VT 127 links Ethan Allen Homestead to the neighborhoods and Ethan Allen Park on the other side. It has been blocked off with chainlink fence and not maintained for several years. From what I have read, over $250,000 was spent to build this structure in the 1980's. Considering it's aesthetic and actual value, it should be maintained.
  • Cycling enforcement Acknowledged
    North Ave Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Wrong way cyclist on North Ave. Witnessed a car attempting to turn left on North Ave slam on their brakes and almost get rear ended due to a cyclist traveling the wrong way. Both traveling North. Why cant anything be done?
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    914a North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Bike lanes on both sides from North St all the way to Plattsburg are totally buried, again. Please plow to the curb using the sidewalk plow. The section with no green belt needs extra attention and potentially the small sidewalk snowblower.
  • 311 North Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    There is a growing tent city / camp site in the woods on the path, behind the old Burlington College dorm, that connects North Ave. to the bike path at Texaco Beach.
  • 408 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    When weather permits, please sweep the uphill side of Colchester Ave (top to bottom). There is currently 4 feet of soil, gravel, and trash from the curb into the road. Additionally, there are blocked drains.
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    05401 Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric

    Days after the storm many bike lanes in the city remain unsafe and/or unridable. Please plow down to the asphalt and over to the curb before this build up becomes intractable ice sheets like last year...

    People will ride their bikes in the winter, but not if the infrastructure is not maintained...

  • 21 South Willard Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    A safe pedestrian detour would be extremely easy to design and implement here. Instead a complete blockage has been maintained for weeks. There is currently no signage whatsoever at the nearby corners. Children are literally squeezing between the construction dumpster and Rte. 7 traffic. Public Works, where are you on this?